I will not buy Gears of War 5 unless these Horde issues are addressed


(Tw1std Nitem4re) #144

I want less horde achievements. That’s the fix I want, honestly. Bring back Beast Mode as well.

(Iycan) #145

Haven’t seen this posted anywhere, but I find the end of wave black hole to be pretty annoying. When you cash in as a scout there’s a moment where it doesn’t count up for your current wave score - but nor is it carried over to the next.
A stupid error that must be easy to fix, but since they obviously aren’t going to bother at this point the least they could do is make sure G5 doesn’t have the same problems if horde uses a similar system,

(thesuicidefox) #146

I clicked this thread expecting very cringey stuff, but you actually make solid points. I agree 100% with the first 3. The rest I could take it or leave it. My biggest issue is #1.

As a versus player, I find Horde super easy. I play it to relax and just chill. I play Sniper class because I want to use Longshot and I tend to outperform everyone on the team up until about wave 30 when the Engies get their sentries maxed. Even Incon isn’t really a challenge for me, maxed Sniper cards let me one shot everything in the game anyway. And the AI is stupid, like REALLY stupid, so they are easy pickings. As long as I don’t get shot while I’m taking my shot it’s gonna die in 1 hit, and since I’m usually at the far back of the base I only get aggro if I shoot something and it doesn’t die.

But it’s lame to play 50 waves. Like I get SOOOOOO bored by wave 20, it’s just the same thing over and over again. I would rather 10 waves that are harder than 41-50, than a full 50. It’s not even the bounty, I could care less about another 50k XP or 1000 creds. I’m re-up 12 (I think, maybe 11, w/e) and I have pretty much all the skins and content I really want. I just wanna play, but I lose interest quickly.

The new skills idea is very interesting. It would be neat if Grenadiers came in with different types of grenades, maybe each one uses different tactics. Or even better they switch tactics mid-fight. That would be fun. Keep me on my toes, more like versus. I don’t have much hope for the AI though. While Gears 4 is a vast improvement from past games, the AI is basically “move towards players and shoot”. They don’t really do anything else besides that. And IDK what else they could have them do, AI isn’t an easy thing to program. Especially if the people playing are veterans with over 10,000 hours of experience that could play the game in their sleep. I’ve seen every type of encounter in versus, there’s nothing that I would have trouble dealing with against a computer enemy.

(CarlosYabrudy) #147

I agree with most of this post.
Best points:

  • do not allow members who are new to enter Insane. It doesn’t happen on most games. You have to unlock higher difficulty. On reups I think this would work.
  • people should get an extra 100 credits or 200 for doing what their class dictates.
  • I have spent a horrible amount of time playing horde and people who quit make the game less enjoyable and frustrates members. Players should have to read a few ground rules and recommendations prior to playing.

(mendigo2005) #148

And what should that be…?

(HayMaker304) #149

Killing stuffs lol

(CarlosYabrudy) #150

Bonus is based on OP’s suggestions.
Sniper - headshots
Heavy - kills with explosive.
Scout - energy collected
Soldier - rifle kills or grenade kills (could even change and be an objective based on rounds x1 to x10
Engineer - Repair or construction.

(CarlosYabrudy) #151

I also massively agree with randomised aI functions and decisions. I’d also like to see them slide into cover etc but as AI gets better so will games I think.

(GoW4KiLL) #152

I am a Gears fan from day 1. And I have to say one thing. Overall TC did a good job with Horde! I don’t see the Point people say 50 waves are too long! IT is Not! Horde is Not versus and I have to say, someone who has 200 hours gameplay is not in the Position to tell something about Horde :wink:
Of course they could do several modes…like 10/25/50 waves. To be honest, they already give you the chance to Play these in Special events.
There can Always be things done better, but the Main System of Horde should stay Like this.
What I really wanna see is a time limit for Horde Matches like it was when Gears 4 came Out. There was a 6 hour time limit.
Without time limit you have No competition for the leaderboards at all.
Please TC! Make this gonna happen again and place a time limit in Gears 5 (maybe in Gears 4 again) to give the Horde fans something back!!!
Why did you put Out the 6 hour Limit anyway?

(mendigo2005) #153

Yes, it is.

2+ hours for a single game just make people wanna finish asap around 35, 40. Gets boring.

I’d prefer having 25 waves as main horde mode. You can potencially play more maps, with different people in the same time frame.

(GoW4KiLL) #154

AS I said. If you are a Horde player that game time is Not an issue! All my friends I play horde with, never had a Problem with the game time. Of course, for those players who think it takes too long, there should be modes with just 25 waves. And…they are already there! You can Play Horde lite, Monster Mash etc. on private and they are 25 waves. I have no Problem at all to make a 25 Wave Option for Standard Horde aswell. But 50 waves is Gears Horde Standard. And All Horde players are fine with that.

(mendigo2005) #155

I’m a horde player and I’m not fine with that anymore.

I play public only, so private means nothing here.

Hopefully Coalition will read those statistics pointing that most players stay until wave 20 and will turn 25 the main mode.


I completely agree. I only play public as well, and it took me nearly a year to complete a Horde match on insane, because everyone left on wave 25-30. I’ve always loved frenzy, and I hope that it becomes a permanent playlist at some point

(mendigo2005) #157

It was said “there’s always a 25 option”.

Right now we’re stuck with juvies.



I hate Juvies…like really hate it. I don’t think i’ll even play it to try to complete my Midnight set (still can’t get them to come up on my COG loadout! Oh well…)
And I’m only level 10, with maxed out cards in Engineer, Sniper, and Heavy, all of which are terrible to fight juvies.

(mendigo2005) #159

The thing about those gremlins is most players don’t know how to beat it without filling the map with sentries.

So now we’re hostage to a boring game mode. Only players I see defending it are those desperate for xp.


My brother will play as scout, and run around, so as the Juvies will chase him. Then, after he has 10-15-20 of them on his tail, he’ll back himself into a corner, turn around, and obliterate all of them with a Overkill.
Occasionally I have to revive him, but it works well most of the time

(ll R E D l) #161

I’ve noticed 2 things. 1 is most people that leave at wave 20 only put a 20 wave bounty then leave. And 2 is once people fail the wave they leave because of the consecutive wave bonus

(open flask) #164

Put on anything goes

(open flask) #165

You must play with a lot of speed running scouts then