I will not buy Gears of War 5 unless these Horde issues are addressed


(J4CKA1) #124

Wouldn’t that be easy since you get a huge score boost from depositing every wave…

(Junglist Shoota) #125

I thought so when first started playing scout but skilled sniper or heavy often prevents that. Only accomplished it a dozen or so times. Also, many players do not wait and allow time to collect, especially on Mania. Gotta be fast.

(HayMaker304) #126

I play heavy a lot.

I always try to slow down the killing spree but it just depends on what enemy is left alive to be able to do that.

Sometimes it’s just not possible.

(Junglist Shoota) #127

Oh for sure! We all get tunnel vision while in the zone. I just mean the obvious chronic ones.

(HayMaker304) #128

Yup. It’s really critical on Mania when you don’t have the prep periods between waves. You just can’t collect weapons and power.

Unless your squad is good at getting loot boxes then dropshots and boomshots become a premium for a heavy along with weapons lockers.

I’ve found the overclock card for an engineer is really nice during mania for a heavy as I’m not forced to have 2-3 of each thing or continue to chase ammo crates during or before each wave starts.

(Junglist Shoota) #129

When I scout mania I pretty much let team know to start making lockers. I bring in Embars and Dropshot as fast as I can. I love the pace. The crates help a lot though if drop scions are killed at large distance

(HayMaker304) #130

I always wished that loot crates could have more variance of weapons. Mixed crates would be badass with overkill’s,embars,dropshot,booms etc etc.

(JLBDGA) #131

There are a a few good suggestions, but you’re literally the only person in the world who would say nice things about Judgment. That game was a complete failure BECAUSE it had NO HORDE mode whatsoever! Die hard Gears fans don’t care about versus, never have, I don’t know a single person who has ever played versus consistently, so it always surprises me that it’s even mentioned at all, Gears is about horde, always has been, always will be if they want to have any success. Horde is not some weird Judgment-level nonsense, it’s about 50 waves of killing enemies. Judgment completely sucked because they literally left out the main reason to buy Gears in the first place.

As for your Level 10 with all classes, that wasn’t hard, most people achieved that a few months after game launch, and yes, the real work is leveling up your cards. That takes time and is plenty of incentive to keep playing. It doesn’t matter if you have 5 card slots, it matters that you have all level 6 cards to play with.

It is a big problem to have n00bs on insane, and it’s just a testament to how stupid people are that they think they can play insane when their cards suck and they’re garbage at the game. It shouldn’t even unlock insane until Reup 2 or something, because it literally takes no time to get there. If you aren’t already Wings 1, you clearly hardly ever play the game because there have been tons of bonus XP events and easy ways to get there.

(JLBDGA) #132

Sorry you suck at it. It takes a lot of time to master, but is the only reason to play Gears. I don’t know why you’re here if you don’t play horde. Versus is incredibly boring, horrible PVP, there are so many great PVP games I don’t know why you’d waste your time on Gears. The stories are great, they last a few hours, then the other 2,000 hours I play every Gears game is horde. Nothing could be more fun!

(JLBDGA) #133

Health regeneration is a required card. If a scout doesn’t have that, he’s not playing the class correctly. I don’t need speed boost, there’s no room for it, just Dodge is plenty good enough. You can run during the wave even on Insane, at all levels, and take massive damage without going down, so you’re never needing to “run fast” to pick anything up, because you running fast you’re still going to die without health regeneration.

(mendigo2005) #134

Funny thing: the guy you’re talking to is possibly the best scout I’ve played with.

You can exchange Health Regen card for Dodge and keep Pickup Radius + Speed. Works nicely on insane (and even on inconceivable).

Not true either, that saved my ■■■ a lot of times on inconceivable.

(Bleeding Pepper) #135

Eh… no I’d have to disagree with this claim. Health Regeneration is useful but has its limits. It only kicks in when you stop taking damage, and taking damage immediately stops the effect so in situations where you are under fire and taking damage constantly it’s less useful. Granted it’s fantastic if you can utilise cover regularly (to enable it to take effect) but J wouldn’t consider it a compulsory card.

Energise is as useful in my opinion as it restores your health as long as you’re collecting power so you can potentially tank many times the damage you normally could with this as long as there is power. There’s no need to use cover as long as you are collecting power.

Dodge essential increases your health as long as you are roadie running but does nothing for health regeneration. It just means you can take more damage but here’s obviously a limit.

I personally favour the Energise card.

(mendigo2005) #136

That’s why it should be combined with Speed card.

(H9216M151) #137

Deposit bonus, pickup distance, health boost, health regeneration and dodge are my skills when scouting because every1 wants to finish as soon as possible so they do not allow the last enemy to live long enough. So basically I manage to always pick up 95-100% of power on inconceivable on every wave every time I scout and dying probably once every 10 games thanks to my build. Yes I am that maniac running around collecting power during the fight. That means that my team is one man down who should be shooting along them but instead he is collecting power. My point: take that sht off about one person collecting power and make it like previous games where every1 gets their own xp, just this time all that xp gets into the fabricator.
It’s d only thing I ask for G5. Or no more fabricators. 1 out of 10 players wants to play scouts. They came here to play not to b every1 else mule.

(TGH Cyrus) #138

Health boost, regeneration, dodge, and speed is a must from insane+ the next is depending on how you want to play, Speed is important, because if you can’t take advantage from it, doesn’t mean that others can’t also. There were countless times I was saved because of the speed card, mainly from boomshots and dropshots, also bots have a limited turning speed, which if you know how, you can turn into your advantage. Dodge and regeneration together with speed are doing miracles, you will survive everything except dropshot to the head and on 2x damage torque, but even on 2.5x damage, you will survive direct hit with boomshot, dropshot can blow right next to you, you will not go down, but not directly above you. Even Snacther will not down you. Only constant damage like from mulcher can down you, but there is enough breathing room to take cover for the regen to kick in and with dodge on, it will take a while to go down.

(Bleeding Pepper) #139

At no point did I say that I dont use Speed Boost. I tend to use:

Health Boost
Deposit Bonus
Pickup Distance
Speed Boost

I consider the first four listed cards to be essential for Scout, and the fifth card slot to be a bit more flexible. On harder difficulties it’s a toss-up between Health Regen; Energise; or Dodge. I just personally favour Energise for the reasons I posted earlier in the thread and disagreed with the other poster that Health Regen was essential. It’s a useful card for sure, but I wouldn’t say it’s “essential” - especially when you consider that Dodge and Energise are in my opinion, as useful (albeit in slightly different ways).

(TGH Cyrus) #140

I was replying to you and also to @JLBDGA but did not tag him at first, sorry, that is why I mentioned speed boost. You favor energize because you can’t use dodge properly, dodge + regen are the best to use, tried every combo, only with dodge,regen, speed + health of course, I always survived nearly anything.
With energize you must have power to pickup or you don’t heal that fast, with regen you need nothing, just a small window of not being attacked and combined with dodge it is really hard to get you down.
And yes, everyone wants for scout to have deposit bonus, but on some 25 easy variants like monster mash or juvie, insane of course, it is easy enough so that you can choose shotgun damage instead, or when we play private with buddies which really know how to play and no one picks eng, I always favor damage, but pickup distance, nah, never.

(Junglist Shoota) #141

Allegations! I’m ok at Scout.

(mendigo2005) #142

Have you tried that build on Boss Rush?

Damn Kestrel drops everybody pretty quickly.

(Junglist Shoota) #143

Have not played in a couple months tbh. Lol. Live expired and have yet to renew.