I will not buy Gears of War 5 unless these Horde issues are addressed


(SteamiestNote28) #84

mostly agree, except for like 3, because in certain cases, soldier with only granades is a must.
but it’s not my point. i actually hate RNG, but i hate it more, because you cannot craft your first skill card, until you get it from the pack. comeon, i’m on re-up 10, got S4.0, and still dont have all the cards, especially purple ones. and not in this world i will pay real money for elite horde boosters.
this must go.

(Duffman GB) #85

Any interest this late afternoon , say around 17:00 UK :slight_smile:

(sinadoom) #86

Great points, I never even thought of most of these. This thread ought to be pinned and really looked at by The Coalition!

(Amaaan asif88) #87

I will not buy gears 5 if gears 5 not have good and more servers Asia have only one server i hate 120ping

(Sin Ogaris) #88

I use shotgun on hardcore and up :frowning:

Although that’s because I don’t have a full complement of high level skills yet and SD is lvl 6 so I use it. Eventually I will ditch it, but Overkill is very useful on insane at the most, never really tried incon.

I’m also terrible at using the Dropshot so that makes a difference in my decision making as well.

(Sin Ogaris) #89

Play in 25 wave mode.

(Dubba Dizzo) #90

As long as it’s a staple part of Horde options. As far as I know, the 25 wave Mania mode is only temporary. People still quit for reason number 4 though, even in 25 waves.

(mendigo2005) #91

How does it work for you 16/30+?

(Sin Ogaris) #92

I have to be a lot more careful, I contribute with damage where I can, and turrets usually drop things close to the barriers at that point so I can pop out and collect and duck back into cover easily enough. I also revive… a lot. I’m always running around getting people up that go down.

I will also use heavy weapons and do my best with dropshot by that stage as well. But I’m focusing on levelling dodge and speed boost so that I have a bit more survivability.

(Junglist Shoota) #93

Yes, dodge and speed work well together. If Speed is not needed on a specific map (one single/close choke point) use health Regen.

(The lMlan) #94

My personal issues with horde as it is and what would make 4.0 better:

The length of time in intermissions - this is the biggest problem with the 50 waves being too long. Someone already gave the stat earlier that with 30 seconds between waves you have basically 25 minutes of literally nothing going on and that’s not including the extra time for it to tell you what wave you are on and the wave stat sheet that means nothing to me. I like being sniper so this is literally just wasted time. IMPLEMENT A SKIP OPTION. The 30 seconds is useful at times to repair things, grab an ammo box across the map, or pick up energy…but more often than not it is just a huge waste of time. If everyone votes to skip then it just instantly goes to the next round instead of twiddling your thumbs forever. The 1-4 waves are key points when this would be useful as there aren’t any big enemies and generally all the points are fairly close to the teams position.

Cards are NEEDED to be useful to your team -This is why people quit. Lower level people join in on insane or come with a friend to inconceivable and expect to be useful…well, you can’t be because the game isn’t designed to allow that. You could be the most skilled player in the world and headshot on every shot you fire and you still wouldn’t stand a chance against wave 41-50 on insane+ because you NEED the cards to pull it off. When people see that the engineer or scout isn’t a good level, they are going to quit because there goes your chance at winning when the person that nets you cheap fortifications and extra money on pickup aren’t able to do these things because they don’t have the cards to do so. I have level 5 cards on my sniper class for extra damage with headshots and precision weapons in general and it still takes me 2 headshots in the later rounds to pop the big guys…a person without these cards will waste 4 bullets on the same enemy to get the same result. Casually playing horde at a higher difficulty is impossible in this game because you need to spend your scrap on horde skills to become useful. In prior games you just needed to understand a groups efforts and play along and you could go far. Cards should be assistants to a persons skill, not required to reach the end goal.

Locust involvement - You have Locust in the game…why, oh WHY, on earth are they not included in horde in some form or fashion? Just pepper them in and horde will instantly be better, trackers are sometimes tickers, DBs and swarm drones are Locust equivalent, scions are the proper Locust equivalent. Knowing what is coming each round is utterly boring. Having the occasional mix up of enemies in each round and if they are Locust or not keeps it fresh and unexpected.

More than that could be listed, but those are the glaring issues I have with horde as it is today.

(mendigo2005) #95

Maybe Coalition should do more singular enemies like Kantus, Guardians, Berserkers, Pouncers.


But if so, imagine how incon 16/30+ would be.

(The lMlan) #96

Berserker is the only “singular” enemy of what you listed…couldn’t tell you the last time I didn’t less than 3+ of the enemies you listed in any game except special events.

Unless you mean one of each shows up in the same round

(mendigo2005) #97

All of them are. Specially the guardian with a tri-shot.

(The lMlan) #98

What game are you playing lad? Kantus always had multiples spawn in prior hordes, guardians spawn in packs of 3 (2 in 25 waves) generally whether that is sentinel or guardians, pouncers are the same deal with 3-4 every time they show up.

They aren’t common enemy types but definitely not singular spawns.

(Vanden255) #99

If they got rid of power pickups entirely and made it so higher-level fortifications didn’t take longer to repair than lower-level ones, there’d be no need for that 30-second time between waves. The 7 or so seconds that the wave number and active poisons info appears on screen would be plenty.

(mendigo2005) #100

I’m not talking about quantity.

Even Berserkers appeared in pairs.

(HayMaker304) #101

Ever notice that guardians always seem to wreck people? Lol

(The lMlan) #102

I have no idea why you mean by “singular enemies” then.

Not important, including more enemy variants, more explicitly, Locust enemies is the point.

(EpicWarDog316) #103

Thank God someone gets it. I deal with these issues every day.