I will not buy Gears of War 5 unless these Horde issues are addressed


(HayMaker304) #63

Lol. Well only one problem with that

——————ive never beat insane

So we would have to play insane first to go to inconceivable. But I’m down tell me what skills you need and I’ll be your guy lol soldier build and Heavy is pretty stacked except for my last stand skill isn’t upgraded very far.

(mendigo2005) #64

Let it be insane, so.

(Bleeding Pepper) #65

Maybe penalties need to be XP or credit reductions and/or they cause a reduction in the amount gained for a period of time? Thay way players can still play (and it doesn’t affect the player base size) but hits them in other ways?

And in ranked games maybe quiting causes them to lose a large chunk of their leveling progress for their rank?

(Dubba Dizzo) #66

25 at their current length is 60 min. 10 waves that last 3-4 times longer is still 45 minutes. But you actually end up playing more because instead of stopping for 45 seconds for 25 waves, its only for 10. That saves you 11 minutes and 15 seconds just in between waves. So it’s actually about the same time of gameplay. Think of it like a commercial. Would you watch a TV show if every 3 minutes there was a minute long commercial? This is what I’m getting at.

Also, a lot of you seem to be under the impression that 25 is here to stay, it isn’t. Horde Mania is temporary. It was a trial move. It’s not permanent, unless we request it to be permanent.

(HayMaker304) #67

I don’t understand why they can implement a voting system for how long it is.?

Also I think you should be able to vote on the map as well.

That would address quitting issues 10 fold.

(Dubba Dizzo) #68

Let me tell you a story that may help you see where I’m coming from.

I just played horde last night with my brother. It was Hardcore, 50 waves. ALL 5 games I got into, players either quit halfway through, or right off the bat. 1st and second games they quit right off the bat. So we spent the first 20 minutes just searching and looking for a game. No playing, just waiting to get into a match. 3rd, someone quit right around wave 15, my brother and I had 20 wave bounties on, we didn’t like the way things were going, so after we beat wave 20, we bounced. 4th game people quit right off the bat. 5th game was going very well, until the engineer quit around wave 32, then two more at wave 33, so it was just us at wave 34 with 50 wave bounties on. We got to wave 38 before we weren’t able to succeed anymore. Luckily, I had friends I message to ask for a rescue. They came and rescued us and the 4 of us ended up getting to 50.

In 4 hours, we ended up playing only one full horde match, barely.

So the question is, should I blame the players, or the game?

Here’s my answer: IF it were only happening every once in a while, I’d blame the player. Sure, enact some penalties then. BUT when it happens EVERY GAME, it’s not the player’s fault, it’s the game’s fault. SOMETHING IS BROKEN WITH THE GAME.

If TC began enacting penalties for people quitting on their current broken game, people would stop playing horde. It’s basically leaving the player with two options that suck: either 1. Endure through a 2 hour horde match you probably wont complete because your teammates suck and eventually give up on wave 48 cause everyone keeps dying causing you to still take your penalty at wave 48, or 2. People take the penalty and lose XP. Either way you’re creating a lose-lose situation for the player.

If that’s the case, player just won’t play horde if their forced into a box. Again, penalties are a stupid way of trying to control players.

(mendigo2005) #69

Says who?

Coalition already stated most horde players play 20 waves avarage. That’s why they created 20 waves bounty.

Break between waves ia useful for engineer to repair, for soldier to plant granades, for the whole team to collect loot.

Mania is probably there not for long. Or maybe it ain’t.

(Dubba Dizzo) #70

Here is a link to a reddit post about Horde Mania:

Take a look at some of the quotes people are saying:

*LIKE: Finding People

It seems like the total number of players in Horde has increased, as my “wait time to start” is much faster than usual. This is a good thing."

Faster Matchmaking.

**LIKE: The Difficulty

It feels like 25 waves of slightly higher than normal difficulty. I wish this was a permanent option as I can get a game done in about an hour and still feel accomplished. I always liked the 25-wave-Horde-Lite mode, and this is darned near perfect in my opinion."

People like 25 waves.

"Horde Mania is truly amazing, i think they should take it even another step further and completely remove those result screens so we can get a fluid, non-stop horde run."

He/she’s right. 45 seconds between waves is a long time.

"that’s why i stopped playing public horde :frowning: , it’s a pain in the ■■■ to find a match that doesn’t end bad because some members quit"

Lots of people are quitting in 50 waves, but not 25 waves.

"I’ve always loved Horde, but yeah, the amount of people that leave almost immediately is staggering."

Lots of people are quitting in 50 waves, but not 25 waves.

Case. In. Point.

(The Munkey) #71

I agree with some of this.

Personally I think classes are a problem. Because they aren’t viewed as “this class does this better” as intended. Instead, players see classes as “this class, and ONLY this class does THIS job”. For example, only scouts are allowed to collect power. This means everyone else literally has to dodge power while one poor soul has to treck the map every single wave collecting power over, and over, and over… Thats boring for everyone.

And then theres fortifications. Technically only Engineers are allowed to build them, unless for supermoves like the snipers. Even then, it becomes a grey area where some players get ticked off when other people dont follow “the rules” and use power “correctly”. That often results in, you guessed it – quitting. Heavies get stuck just shooting and doing nothing involving power which means they miss out on the power/fortification mechanic altogether. Same goes for Snipers.

I thought classes were a cool idea when announced, but in practice they are a severe roadblock in horde. People often quit before matches even start if there arent the right assortment of classes in the game.

The only other things I’d add to this list are Join in Progress for obvious reasons and a custom match option with public search and join.

(Dubba Dizzo) #72

MeowMix, as other’s have stated, I’m not the only one who sees these issues. If people are quitting half way through almost every game of horde I’ve played, there’s something fundamentally broken about the system. My suggestion is an attempt to remedy that problem, not to make it exactly how I want. Also, why have you quit playing 50 anymore? Is it perhaps because it’s a time sink? What if perhaps its not just you and I that feel that way, but everyone is feeling that way as evidenced by so many people quitting? I mean, so many people quit right off the bat if they know they’re not paired up with a scout or decently prestiged teammates cause if they’re going to spend the next 2 hours they want to make sure it’s even possible to complete. All of this can be fixed if you just made the games shorter.

The 2x thing is not about difficulty, quite the opposite in fact. It’s about monotony. As J4CKA1 said, it’s a slog. Increasing the health doesn’t make the enemies more interesting, it just means you put more bullets into them. I mean, would you prefer to play against 20 different enemy types that all move in different ways with increased diversity of attributes each wave, or one behemoth bullet sponge enemy with an enormous health meter? Which sound more fun? My point is to up the difficulty through making enemies interesting and diverse each wave and not lazily boost their health which makes a 50 wave game drag on.

Also, 200 hours is purely gameplay time. That doesn’t account for time in menus, looking for matches, server downtime. I imagine its closer to 300, but if that’s still not enough to you, I have probably another 800 hours among all the rest of the Gears in Horde Mode.

Just read what people have to say on this reddit post.

(mendigo2005) #73

People still quit 25 over same reasons.

It’s faster and easier to keep with one or two out, so what?

Coalition maintain both and leaves us to choose which we wanna play.


(Dubba Dizzo) #74

I’m fine with having both options, 25 or 50, so long as that’s what TC is planning on doing. As far as I know 25 is temporary, not permanent, and may not be a permanent addition to Gears 5. But the feedback for 25 has been overwhelmingly positive. People like it. They say things like:

"I didn’t really like GOW 4 horde because it was just to slow. Now with the timer removed I am loving that ■■■■! Plus with all the customization options. I am in love."


"Yeah, I can play a game in an hour, which is fantastic. Juvie Madness was the same. I am not a fan of this 50-wave / 2.5 hour stuff. Who has the time anymore?"

More people are preferring to play 25 waves, they stay longer. People quit halfway through 2.5 hours because they have stuff to do and they take their wave 20 bounty because that’s the only way for you to quit early like you want to and still get lots of xp/coins. It’s simpler and faster, and when upgrading skills is a grind, it’s the most obvious choice to take. But for 5 more waves? I’ll stick around.

So fine, make 25 a permanent addition to Horde, and I’m ok with it. As long as they address one other issue…put in a barrier for entry to give newbies time to learn the game and build up their skills and separate them from the players that know what they’re doing.

Me personally, I would play 25 Hardcore and Insane all day long if they fixed these problems. Then the next problem to solve is fixing skills.

Horde Mania solves grievances #1 and #5, which is why I and everyone else seem to like it.

(mendigo2005) #75

Scout, engineer and energy. These are the problems on 3.0.

If you’re sniper, heavy, soldier you just gotta kick some grub butts. And that’s fun. If Coalition makes 4.0 centered on that, maybe like was 2.0, things will get better.

I believe they will get rid of sentries somehow, like they did with Silverback.

(Dubba Dizzo) #76

"Even then, it becomes a grey area where some players get ticked off when other people dont follow “the rules” and use power “correctly”. That often results in, you guessed it – quitting. "

“People often quit before matches even start if there arent the right assortment of classes in the game.”

This problem would be fixed by my suggestion #4.

(The Munkey) #77

Yes and no. Yes, that would teach people to play by the rules of the game. But it wouldnt solve the problem that these rules even exist in the first place.

I guess what im trying to say is that these rigid playstyles that are’nt in the best interest of horde. Forcing players to stick to very strict, redundant, repetitive playstyles from start to finish, or make it so that only a specific set of classes allows you to win at higher difficulties is a design flaw, not the fault of players who dont play correctly.

I say this because older versions of horde didnt have these problems. Everyone had one goal: kill everything and dont die. Easy.

I get that some people like having classes and roles to play. In another thread I started myself (that only one guy responded to), I think the solution is to have custom lobbies with a search engine to allow players to search for the games they want to play, allowing randoms to squad up exactly how they want to. Im also in favor of allowing players to play horde without the fabricator or classes with enemies scaled accordingly. In other words, Im in favor of options and people being able to search and join lobbies.

(HUG3 N3WB) #78

There’s an inconceivable option for mania coming soon?

It were you talking about a private game? It’d be great if mania gets an inconceivable playlist this time

(mendigo2005) #79

Must be frenzy, anything goes or any other they let us play private.

Public is only that soccer crap.

(HUG3 N3WB) #80

Awww… Thought they finally gave us that mode in public :confused:

Private works though :slight_smile:

(mendigo2005) #81

I’m playing 2.0, if you guys go online, let’s try it.

(HUG3 N3WB) #82

I’m down for some gears 3 horde :wink: