I will not buy Gears of War 5 unless these Horde issues are addressed

Dumb is use shotgun damage on hardcore and above.

You need to use lancer on your sniper? Ok then…

I keep mine on scout. Once sniper marks an enemy, it gets vulnerable.

You know that, right?

No I don’t need a lancer on a sniper. Just saying they are viable long range weapons.

And yes certain cards aren’t worth anything after a certain difficulty

I never knew “marking an enemy” made them more susceptible to damage. Only when you had the marked damage cards but I’ve never seen that transfer between classes except to the heavy with marked damage boost.

Read the description of CALLED SHOT (sniper card).

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I only thought that skill was applicable to the sniper. Not other classes.

Edit -

Targets you mark take increased damage from all sources. Damage increase is based on the level of this skill.

That’s very interesting. So with the fabricator ping and called shot you can exponentially increase damage from heavy class unless it doesn’t stack with the marked damage card.

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Retro on scout doesn’t seen so senseless now, eh?

Just try this: heavy with explosive launcher damage, mark boost, a dropshot; sniper with called shot and… A CARRIER.


My heavy I run launcher damage, capacity, marked boost,thick skin, and last stand.

I quit using the speed loader card due to the dropshot glitch issues.

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Speed Loader is actually Scout’s Epic card that gives active rounds for distance ran.

Same here.

It’s nasty on insane. A one man army.

I go berserk.

The heavy skill is actually called “explosive launcher reload”. It just speeds up the entire reloading process. Some of us are in the belief that is possibly what’s causing the dropshot reload glitch.

Yes the Roadie run/speed loader card for the Scout is fun when you maxed out on casual wit all shotgun perks lol.

Hahahahaha atleast I’m doing something right then lol. Just never had a sniper mark targets for me or if they had the called shot card then I never knew it. I was just always bringing the pain lol

I’m not sure if it’s the exact one, but I’ve had Dropshot reload glitches even without Explosive Launcher Reload Speed.

I’ve posted about it before. Check out some of the old posts.

A called shot mark is like this:

horde penalties should never be implemented.


… damn when I snipe (or mendigo who is better by far!) You would be in heaven.

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You’re right. Not only should they never be implemented, but it wouldn’t actually prevent anyone from quitting. What it WILL do however, is keep people from actually playing Horde.

“Oh, so you’re going to penalize me by keeping me from playing for 15 min because I quit the match 30 min in? Guess I’m not playing Horde Mode anymore.”

It’s a really dumb idea.

What needs to happen is addressing the reasons why people are quitting in the first place. I figure the biggest reason is the time commitment. As I’ve stated 100 times now, 2.5 hours is A LONG TIME to play one match. Matches should last between 30-45 min tops. The only way to do that, is to lessen the amount of waves, which reduces downtime between waves and overall wave time.

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25 is fine.

10, like you suggest, I find too short (I only do it to play a little right before going out, or before a meal).

People are used to 50. Those will miss it.

We can’t play public incon unless it’s 50. And when I suggested public incon 25, only a handful upvoted.

Lol let’s do it

I’m in for incon 25 later!


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