I will not buy Gears of War 5 unless these Horde issues are addressed

lol you can do that already.

Equip the team revive card and run to the fab. Bring them all Back to life.

Or be last man standing and compete the wave - your whole team revives Instantly.

Boom lol


Shotgun damage?.. Just grab Embar and Dropshot.

Just because something is, doesn’t mean it ought to be.

I think your idea would throw the baby out with the bathwater. At its core, a Horde game is a series of AI challenges laid out for players to overcome, and the skill cards are tools players are meant to use to help overcome them. Enemies get double their normal health , and each class (besides engineer) gets a card to more than double their damage with certain weapons their class is meant to specialize in. It’s one of the things in Horde 3.0 that works really well. There are definitely cards that suck, but the cards suck because they haven’t been thought out very well. If I was to suggest a way improve it in general, I would just say “make sure the cards are worth the cost of equipping them.”

Now, one thing I’m disappointed you didn’t call out is the Scout class. It sucks. You absolutely cannot win without a Scout class, yet it’s no fun to play, and every player has to base their behavior around enabling the Scout. They have to leave enemies alive so the Scout can collect, they have to watch the Scout’s back in particular, they have to avoid killing enemies too far away for the Scout to run there, etc. It’s just a bad, unfun mechanic to have to deal with. It would be better if power just went straight in the fabricator, already doubled or tripled.

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You’re misunderstanding the problem. The problem isn’t that the option isn’t available, the problem is I have to give up one of my skill cards to make the option available, which sucks, and is why almost nobody uses it.

You didn’t understand my answer.

Skills cards by their nature are a choice. You make the choice not the use it.

I go back and forth between HOD strike and team revive.

So my answer still stands true.

Have the skill equiped and do something epic and revive everyone by getting to the fabricator or finishing the round solo by yourself.

I agree you have to have a good scout in order to make it work. It is something I have thought about, and perhaps they could do away with it. I personally like being the scout, I like shotgunning and helping the team with power. But in my opinion having the team enable the scout isn’t a bad thing. I think it creates teamwork, everyone working towards the same goal. I think however that you may be correct that perhaps the scout is TOO necessary. The scouts main jobs in my opinion ought to be power pickup and/or spotting enemies. They’re a scout right? So let them SCOUT the environment. It isn’t exactly a bad dynamic, but it could use some changes. I figure though if my aforementioned suggestions were implemented, a scout may seem less necessary.

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Yeah there is a reason it has always been like that. Like I said if you want 25 waves go and play the 25 wave variant rather than trying to get rid of 50 waves.

I understand your answer fine, I just disagree with it. Almost everyone (and I said almost because a small minority like yourself like to use it) doesn’t use it. The reason so few people use it I suspect is because they have to give up a different skill in order to have the option. The only class I can see effectively using it is the Engineer, because they are often right next to the fab,they are behind fortifications, and can get a discount. But almost no other class takes it, because other skills are better for staying alive and being effective. I mean, if everyone had it, that would mean everyone is weaker due to sacrificing a skill. Sure they may be able to stay alive a little longer, but that’s just until the power runs out. To me, the cost does not justify the benefit. So because of this, I would like to still have team revive as more of an action a person performs once they are last man standing, such as a sniper gets 3 headshots in 10 seconds, or soldier grenade tags 2 or 3 enemies. This just adds another dynamic to the game and doesn’t sacrifice a cool skill like Cloak in the process. That’s my opinion. Not saying its right or that you’re wrong, just what I would prefer.

I get it. Trust me I do. That’s the beauty of Horde skills. You have sacrifices to gain an advantage somewhere or another. Like me. I have 4 out of 5 rifle cards maxed out for my soldier and only use the HOD or revive.

But it’s all about choices. I guess where I’ve played RPG’s like Diablo for so long that I understand the mechanics behind the horde cards. Every one first thought that to be a monster that you would want all the epic cards maxed out - boy that was wrong lol. It turns out that TC gave everyone the good cards at the cheapest price.

They are just give and take. You could equip team revive but it’ll cost you another skill but could save you on a wave 25 about to finish your run.

I think that once youve made re-up 5 or something that you could have a 6th card slot open up or maybe have the fabricator could have a card set in itself that could allow you to select overall team skills.

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This reads like, “make horde the way I want it”.

Don’t buy it then. Lol.

200hrs of Horde is nothing BTW so it doesn’t somehow make your opinion have more value. I agree with some things, but taking away 50waves? I never play 50 anymore but why shouldn’t some people be allowed to??

As far as the 2x thing. If it’s too hard, play an easier difficulty. Even on inconceivable, Horde is too easy for some of us. They need ways to ramp up the challenge. I’d love smarter AI but I don’t know if TC is capable of doing it though. I’ve no problem with the 2x thing.


Arjen, what’s your suggestion on how you’re going to prevent people from randomly quitting in 2.5 hour long game?

You’re never gonna prevent people from quitting unless you introduce penalties. Point is the 25 wave variant is there for people who want that.

I hardly have any time to do a solid 50 but have time most evenings for a 25 wave.

I don’t like to leave crews but sometime life happens.

I wish they would put all the maps in the horde rotation. I paid for them and I should be able to play them online not just in private.


I couldn’t agree more with #4, I’ve seen way too many clueless players on Insane and Inconceivable. A tutorial you cannot avoid or skip and proving yourself repeatedly is needed, for example have only casual and normal available at the beginning, beat it 10 times and Hardcore unlocks.

The rest, I pretty much disagree or don’t think it’s that important:

  • Keep the 50 waves, why remove them? now we have the 25 variant so both can coexist just fine (I play 1-50 90% of the time).
  • I WANT A BIGGER CHALLENGE, bring 3x health, accuracy, damage and whatever else TC can think of.
  • The skill system is a good mix, clearly some cards are completely useless (scout has several) but as a whole, you have variants, lots of them. 5 classes with several builds each, lack of diversity among classes? we clearly have different views on the game.

TC has proven that Horde can be modified rather easily, we’ve seen different modes this past year which gives me hope that they can do a good job for Gears 5, a no class system variant, a class system but no scout or engineer variant, a boss mode variant (nothing but bosses). Just read this forums TC, plenty of good ideas and constructive feedback to be found.


I keep retro and change gnasher for drop.

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If your playing as soldier with all the rifle bumps - then carrying a shotgun is pretty stupid.

Same for a Scout. Carrying a rifle in place of the overkill/gnasher is dumb

Only one that makes any sense is the sniper with a retro or hammer burst but you don’t get the damage bump - but I think the card should be changed to that it states rifle for the sniper. Not assault rifle or precision rifle - just rifle. The retro and HammerBurst are both viable long range weapons.

  1. Disagree. Keep both 25 and 50, let us choose.

  2. Disagree. It can be tricky on insane/ incon - after 16/30 - to survive perfect shots from snipers, 3 sentinels together, several boomers throwing perfect hail maries… That forces you to play smart.

  3. Agree, except for that:

  1. Agree. Completely.

  2. Agree. Partially: Mania/ Frenzy give us some ramdomness already. The thing is, it’s nothing compared to 2.0. Fighting all those locust/lambert and all those great bosses… That’s the way Coalition should make 4.0.

  3. Meh. After all that grinding, I can have some confort on insane/incon. Only thing that really got me is the scout. Never found the “ultimate” build. As you mentioned, one card gotta go for other to be used. (Not shotgun damage, that card on higher difficulties is not meant for me. )

  4. Agree, I guess. Maybe that would work as a tutorial (as different info could pop on each class/player screen, telling what to do).

One thing I’d like to have is enough enemies for every player, in order to prevent kill stealing.

I want there to be fair matchmaking(? not sure if thats the right word) for being reup 11 [wings 1] i should not be forced to play with non reups or reup 1s and 2s. its why i dont really play public anymore. edit: forgot a word.


I’ve been asking for Horde penalties for some time, because I knew that might work against me.