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I will not buy Gears of War 5 unless these Horde issues are addressed


(OneButtNugget) #189

cool, enjoy gears 5.

(Dubba Dizzo) #190

Good feedback here. On point 1, like I said, my main concern is people quitting. I’ve said this before in other comments but since you’re a little late to the party I’ll say it again: The 25 wave mod IS NOT PERMANENT.

I don’t know why people think this is a permanent part of Horde, but it isn’t. 25 wave Mania Mode was only available about a year after Gears 4 came out. It’s not a staple part of the game. It’s an exhibition option. It’s not here to stay and often get’s replaced by some lame exhibition mode like “Jingle Juvies” and “Soccer Trackers”.

If 25 is going to be here to stay, we need to demand it and make it a point to ask for it in Gears 5 as a permanent option.

On point 2, my biggest annoyance is 2x Heath at wave 10 that turns enemies into bullet sponges, which causes the game to not only drag on but almost requires you to put on a double damage skill card for that class. 2x Heath doesn’t make enemies harder, at least not very much, it just makes them take longer to kill. My suggestion was about how to make enemies harder by improving the way they behaved, which is interesting and challenging, rather than turning them into bullet sponges.

Other than that, good feedback all around.

(open flask) #191

In gears 2 and 3 the 1st active posin was 2x health why would you change it in gears 4 uf you were not sure on how the game would play

(mendigo2005) #192

Only Coalition can state that for sure.

It was done on another threads.

(J4CKA1) #193

Honestly, if a sniper is marking everything and hitting shots and a heavy and soldier have maxed cards, you sort of need a health boost to the enemies. If not, 50 waves would be pretty easy at this point in the game’s life cycle.

(I gobi I) #194

maybe you’re good with it but i had the pleasure of playing with ppl who cant shoot for ■■■■ with a lancer then they swith to an embar, even less effective and after a while they just steal all the weapons out from the lockers and quit all the same

(J4CKA1) #195

Public is such a mixed bag man. Hit up people here on the forums for a group! I mean really… wth else is this forum for other than yelling at other people lol

(mendigo2005) #196

That’s the real challenge: public!

I don’t change it for boring-ever-same private lobbies…

(HayMaker304) #197

You must not play with good players.

Give me a lancer and soldier buffs to match it and I’ll put a ton of DPS down Range to make your head spin.

It gets even higher with a retro lancer.

And I’m not even a high level horde player and never completed an insane run

That’s my go too setup tho. Lancer/retro lancer then Embar as a backup if the sniper ditched the Markza before I could get it but the Embar is a more powerful weapon just wish it had a bigger magazine size.


I agree with everythimg you said, if TC took your advice. We would get an amazing horde mode in gears 5

(Sgt Fergus) #199

I wish they would improve people not quitting before wave 10, there is always “that guy”

(J4CKA1) #200

People are always going to quit in games. It’s a fact of 2019 gaming life.

(Sgt Fergus) #201

At least replace them in horde mode with a bot filler until a new player comes in so it doesn’t feel so empty

(mendigo2005) #202

Then what?

Stupid AI bots running crazy out the base, dying with one shot on inconceivable?

Just to end up alone…

(Sgt Fergus) #203

Gears 3 Onyx Guard Bots did just fine imo and they do really good sometimes in versus so i don’t see it how you see it

(mendigo2005) #204

Ranked has handicaps?

A base?

(Sgt Fergus) #205

base? i just know i have seen bot fillers for quitters in the multiplayer part excluding the horde mode and i was fine with that to hold us over and sometimes they are bad and other times they gib all 4/5 of the other players single-handedly.

(mendigo2005) #206

You’ll hardly survive outside a established base on harder difficulties, unless you’re scout

(Sgt Fergus) #207

again, they are just bot fillers until a new player joins or if someone lagged out they can get invited back in

(mendigo2005) #208

That ideia should be much more elaborated before implementing in horde.