I was just considering playing gears 5 again

So I hop on the forums and scroll for 2 minutes… Seriously this game got even worse how is that possible??


It’s TC mate.



TC never ceases to disappoint.


It didn’t. It improved by a lot. But TC continues to mess up and making questionable decisions.


It’s not just TC. It’s Microsoft. Microsoft is the huge company with plenty of resources. Microsoft barely invests in gears. Microsoft doesn’t care about having a playable game at launch with content and maps. Microsoft only cares about milking money from the terrible gears store in the main menus. Microsoft and TC recycled the same broken matchmaking and netcode from gears 4. They think it’s fine and dandy to have a ranked playlist where everyone quits with no join in progress or any solution really. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as large organizations tend to put the bare minimum effort and investment into their products. Until they have been pushed to the brink and actually have to invest properly in their game. So I feel for TC in a sense because they can only do so much when Microsoft invests pennies in this game and hires leaders who can’t wait to go play Diablo…


I would give it a tryu after reading to see what Op 4,5, and 6 added to the game, I left the game for a long time and only came back due to Op 5 correcting a lot of the garbage that the game launched with and it started with major changed in Op 4.

If you hated a lot of the stupidity like 6 gnasher rounds, double reloads to get a full reload, and how screwed up horde was with the “only one character per game, classes locked to characters”, only a few weapons for each class in the fabricator, and escape being “no duplicates” as well that has all be thrown in the trash where it belongs thanks to Op 4 and 5,

Gears 5 launched as a very bad game for many, but Op 4 and 5 made serious course corrections to the point I came back and finished a full tour of duty starting in week 4 or 5 because I was so happy that Gear 5 was finally worth playing.

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It’s improved by a whole lot, it’s more or less the recent very ethically and questionable decisions they made. Overall still a fun game to play, even better with friends.

It’s ok, but it’d be better if TC allowed us to use our Locust skins in PvE.

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I wanna wear my diaper locust lmao


I know right?

I mean sure, it wasn’t THAT hard to grind for it, but we should be allowed to use rewards for PvE grinding, in PvE matches.

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IMO, the game is at its best place it’s been, but I’m also not one of the people who hates the current tuning like it slept with my wife.


is it really that damn hard for TC to enable it’s use in PvE? i dont get it


that’s very subjective…

I think they are making Horde better, but making PvP worse, and they are really screwing the pooch by not creating a dup scrapping facility, pissing a LOT of people off…

So that’s my impression, based on my game play… others might have different opinions.

Immersion breaking and potentially confusing since we’re supposed to be fighting the Locust. Same reason they originally didn’t allow the DeeBee, either.

Those are minor points though. I think they just never considered that to be an option? I never really did. If there were a big fan outcry for Locust to be put in, they’d probably put them in. But I rarely see it requested and more people prefer playing as COG on the whole anyway.

Plus, Horde relies on a lot of verbal cues, with players calling out enemies, fabrications, ultimates, weapons, etc. Locust voices weren’t recorded for those and would need to be recorded to properly implement them.

You’d have more fun shooting yourself in the groin.

Gears 5 is dookie balls


I never thought of that tbh, i give TC alot of ■■■■ but that does make alot of sense. As a new OP5 player the lack of new content for pve is frustrating

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Those vocal cues aren’t all that important, as TC themselves have demonstrated when they added several new characters to PvE without those voice cues.

The DeeBee, the UIR Soldier, and Paduk STILL use generic place holder lines for most enemies, and for energy taps.

Generic in what way? I don’t recall UIR soldier off the top of my head, but DeeBee and Paduk have specific lines for everything everyone else does by my experience.

And even if they are generic, they’re still there in a way that Locust wouldn’t have. The hell is a Locust going to say from our current batch of lines if they spot a Guardian flying behind us? Or if they set up a fortification? Or if the tap is destroyed? Most of the Swarm can’t even string three words together.

They already let us use Swarm character skins in campaign, they just changed the lights on their weapons and armor from red to blue.

Sounds pretty simple to me.

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I really do hope someone at TC pays attention how often and commonly people keep asking to use Swarm/Locust in PVE in regards to Gears 6… I can’t see them doing it in 5 at this point, but I hope they have the smarts to do something about it in 6 knowing how many people keep bugging them about it.

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