I was banned and there was no notification or a reason why?

I was banned from Gears of war 4 and I didn’t get an email or message from Xbox live I Microsoft. This seems to be an error?

Have you either quit a considerable number of ranked games or been disconnected?

Boosting will get you banned as well.

I have not done either. What confuses me is that this seems like a permanent ban because I don’t see a length of how long I am banned for? What is the best way to reach out to the gears staff? I have already reached out to Microsoft and they do not see anything wrong on their end and they sent me here.


I didn’t know that boosting could get you banned. Is that Speed Runs?

Definitely not Speed Runs and boosting will not get you banned in most cases. The only exception to this as far as I’ve heard is those that go into ranked matches be it Core or Competitive and boost there. I’ve never heard of any issues using Social or Co-Op vs AI.

To be honest the fact it’s not telling you how long you’ve been banned I am thinking it’s a system glitch that’ll clear itself out in the near future. I’ve seen these complaints before and when the developers looked into it there was never an actual ban in place. Before we wait even further I suggest hard resetting your Xbox One by holding the power button for approximately 10 seconds at which point you’ll hear a beep and it’ll shut down.

In any case, @TC_Octus and @anon86589457, can you reach out to @TheKingxDream regarding this apparent suspension?

Thank you!

I am also unsure if this has anything to do with me recently trying out this game on Windows? It’s been about 3 months now that I’ve converted over after playing on console since release in 2016.

I have forwarded this up to TC to be investigated…

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Just don’t say you were banned because you quit a match…otherwise the community will throw a temper tantrum! :scream:

Rightfully so as quitting is far too rampant. If you’re someone who quits at the first sign of trouble you should be playing Social. Now, there are legitimate reasons for having to leave a match but these wouldn’t be often enough for an actual suspension.



Your account has been banned for cheating.


Worse offense then quitting lol at least op was being honest about not quitting - he prob never had any reason to!

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lol can you tell us how he was cheating?

Lol, burned. Wonder if they’ll show their face around here again.


Never seen that response from TC on the forums. Looking at the post and the response from TC I just put at it as a player trying to pull a fast one but if I am wrong I have no problem with that. I would like to know the details of said cheating purely for curiosity purposes