I was at 99.5% ranked for my last diamond weapons

maybe TC will see this and start using MOTD, or they will continue making twitter their main message place

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MOTD would reach anyone who plays and they used to post it there. It seems more like Message of the Month recently, however.

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TC seems to be fixing things that are not broken, shame really

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Indeed, from split weapon tunings to reverse omens, fixing what isn’t broken seems to be a key point of The Coalition’s genius strategy for optimum gaming.

Thats the worst. I remember season 3 for me. 99.10 %

But now you will have no problem reaching diamond.
I have been d ever since that day. Scared me into diamond.
Now i Got onyx 3, 96 % after 10 games.
If you are a diamond you will be there in no time.