I was at 99.5% ranked for my last diamond weapons

Season 7 caught me by surprise. I was at 99.50% Onyx 3 and about to earn my last diamond weapons :c Is there any way I may be able to get them??

I understand you were close, but not getting over 100% to promote into Diamond means you are not eligible for them.

You can always try again in the new season.


i predicted that to have a season 7 they would have to start in July, sucks they did not announce it though

Yeah that’s what I tell the single ladies about my eh… tool.

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Now thats funny

They did kind of. https://twitter.com/GearsofWar/status/1143972199058964480?s=20


they need to award every weapon skin for this last season, you get D1 then you get the entire set. no reason to hold back now.

There are no diamond rewards this season tho

Apart from the Diamond Weapon Skins.

Start early you can hit Diamond within 2 weeks now.

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did not see that, but thanks for posting it

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For sure. It was sort of a half-@$$ announcement.:roll_eyes:

as are most of the announcements. TC really needs to start putting messages on the forums and the in game MOTD. They need to realize that not everyone has a twitter account. I run restaurants and part of my job is posting on Social Media. I know certain groups of people that dont use Instagram but use Facebook and other outlets. To reach all your audience you cant stick to 1 platform

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Just try again now. You’ll get it.

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Yeah. They used to put it on the MOTD. Anyway, I don’t really use social media except this forum. I usually just click on the link below when browsing new topics. TC likes Twitter.

motd is the ideal place to post season info


The problem with this is that TC doesnt understand that not every one uses twitter. I get thats there go to but they have other outlets to use but never do.

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I agree totally.:wink: