I want to thank the community for posting about the new thanksgibbing medals

I’m playing less Gears 5 because of Gears POP!, so when I knew about this event, I went to see if there were new medals relating to this.

I was happy that no new medals were added, so I just played 1 match. Yesterday I read here about the new medals, so today my focus is unlocking these instead of playing ranked for the achievement to win on every map

Even when I read every This week on Gears or What’s up, I didn’t find any info about these new medals

I don’t know if I have to thanks TC too, because if the medals weren’t glitched, maybe the community didn’t post about these medals and I didn’t know about them


And that’s the point, ain’t it? Why were these not announced and slipped in under the radar!


Contract workers left.


I want to believe that, as you said, that was the reason for forgetting the announcement of the new medals or putting at the same time that the event.

I don’t want new events with new medals appearing days after the event went live

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