I want to say a few positive things and express some optimism

Most of what I have to say is constructive criticism but let’s be clear it is criticism it is things I think need to be improved that I post on. However I would just like to mention some good things that I see and mention them on this post. I am really happy you guys added tracer rounds to the shotgun let me just say that.
Tc if u read my posts thank you there is seriously good feedback and insight there. I wanna say this. Gears op 6 is kinda bad but the one good thing is that it feels like the shotgun is weaker now and I love that.(update: gib range apparently was increased so I was wrong) I only played a handful of matches so I could be wrong but it feels different.

It feels like it’s more skill based and I love it. It feels a little like u are punished for missing your shots more now with op 6 and u have to get closer to one shot people and if that is so, I welcome it. It felt like pvp gears got a little too easy and that was kinda sad to see so it’s nice if u guys make it more skill based and more rewarding to land a shot (update on this post I guess the shotgun didn’t get weaker at all the gib range was increased). I also really like the character skins thank you for giving us all these classic locust characters and cog the carmines even recruit carmine is back. Nice to see queen myrah and therons and Raam and skorge. I love to see locusts and og cog back I love that big thumbs up on that. Nice to see Hoffman back and tai and just all the skins from the og trilogy that u guys keep continuing to give us. The Diamond weapon skins look much better now as well since u guys last made changes to it I like it more now. I love the executions some are bad but there are a lot of incredible ones like the Boltoc ones and the lanser chainsaw ones just to name a few. There is a lot of great things in this game still and I just wanted to share some of the things that came to mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for all that excellent fan service. Keep up the good work and please don’t take my angry rants as toxic hate I mean no disrespect I hope you guys read my posts and consider some of the things I say. It seems like so many things I’ve complained about have actually gotten addressed and implemented into the game! Little subtle details that were missing which I mentioned in my forums before. even the eye on the cyclops! I like that you guys added the light ray to his glowing eye. so yeah I’m happy to see the team trusting the voice of the og fans sometimes it’s really great. But you need to trust the fans of gears 1 -3 the most. Don’t neglect them. Comb through all of their cries and seek the big gems of insight that they drop even if it is far and few between because there is something special that those fans felt and know so well about and you guys can bring back some of those feelings and introduce it to the newcomers of the franchise. You guys have been doing it right in a lot of ways and I wanted to show my appreciation. Thank you again for your time.

This has to be bait. They stealth-increased the gib-range and you’re saying that made it weaker?


Like I said I barely played so that’s my bad I messed up. Maybe it was ping or I was just playing like crap. Haha but I appreciate the heads up lol

Is this confirmed, played quite a few games recently and thought it was all in my head.

Personally not a fan of the increased gib range, but just have to adapt again.

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Of course not. But I doubt that we’re collectively imagining things.

Altough this part

We’ve now improved the consistency when it comes to gibbing a player who’s sliding into cover.

may be part of the issue.


Lol of course, why would they tell us, standard TC. Its a shame they are so bad/stretched when it comes to communication and hype for this game.

I will be honest when it launched its content and replayability was laughable. To the extend I bugged out pretty early on it.

Got back into it recently, as in last week and like the OP has said they really have made so many improvements to the game it should be commended.

If only more people who left the game knew of them, maybe the player base would increase again. My big issue really at the moment is matchmaking time and assuming that just comes down to player base.


We have also improved the damage consistency when it comes to gibbing a player when they are sliding into cover, which will provide much more predictability in important fights.

This is from the latest update. Like I said, could be an explanation.


Ah lovely cheers mate, will be more careful on slides in future :+1:

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Tbf whatever they’ve done with the gib range has pretty much stopped the constant 99% hits so in a sense I’m fairly happy there

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Worse gnasher to date . Increased gib range = a helping had for noob/ bot player .

So you play at distance now to chip away at the health , yet your spread is bigger than your reticle so most pellets miss or don’t even register .
You back off as you can see a up a coming yet you still get gibbed ( the space between you and the shotgun can fit and extra 2/3 players in that gap .

F gears it’s rubbish now . It’s lost it’s way to a incompetent developer studio .

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I swear they added back aim assist back or increased bullet magnetism since OP6, literraly u can get one shot while opponent shot literaly next to u and vise versa