I want to love Grace

My only goal and will to play Gears 5 is to level all the Horde characters to 16(since I don’t really want the banners and blood logos). I had recently made Grace level 16, let me say, wasted 20 dollars of my life. You guys can make fun of me for buying Grace, but I want to talk about how boring she was and how much potential she could’ve had.

First of all is what she starts with, Enforcer and a Overkill, the weapons only given to an Engineer. These guns literally make her useless on Master Difficulty. The engineers easily get away with this because all they’re suppose to do is build, but if you give it to a “Tank”(TC’s terrible definition of DPS characters), that tank is gonna be useless as hell. There is also a skill card that requires a Breaker Mace, it gives it bleed damage, I had to sit there and beg on waves with mini bosses spawn a Warden because that’s the only way of getting the mace, it’s so dumb!

Grace can be so much better if they add Breaker Mace inside the fabricator. Like what they did for JD. Give her a lancer(GL make the 20 dollars worth it and her being wanted in lobbies).

I don’t understand TC, is it trying to perfect PvE or PvP? I only wished all guest characters were fun to play. Escape, Terminator, Halo characters actually need overhauls.

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TC made an intentionally design decision to make all non Gears franchise characters (Grace, Sarah Connor, etc.) awful, the reason is that they probably don’t want to worry too much about them after they release, it is not surprising that only Gears franchise characters were touched this operation.

My prediction: TC won’t do anything else with the non Gears franchise characters, with the exception of maybe disabling terminators in ranked MP.

I wouldnt say all of those characters need reworking, I do think Sarah, Emile and Keegan are in a good place for Horde. Keegan can make for some fun skill card combinations, especially with Marcus.

But most characters do need a look over in Horde. Will they? Well they are planning to make the venom cards be able to be used in Horde. How they will do that and when, is anyone’s guess.

It also can be difficult to balance this so that they are not overpowered and become p2w. Although that didn’t bother them with the T-800 and Rev-9 in ranked matches.

Ultimately I don’t think they will do anything to the Halo or Terminator characters. I wouldn’t mind them changing it, I would be all for it. But I don’t think they will.

They tweaked Kat’s hologram so it’s not out of the question but I think it is at the bottom of their list of priorities.

I figured they gave Grace the DeeBee weapons because it is what “the machines” use, as a tribute to the terminator/future tech… which also answers why Sarah Connor gets standard lancer/Gnasher loadout (not from the future/augmented). It could also be that those are pretty intense cqc-type weapons.

Personally, as a Grace main, I think she’s one of the better boss/crowd control/melee tanks. It helps if you have a mace 1000%. She can’t get ■■■■ outta the fabricator. Can’t even refill default enforcer if needed.
She could use a lot of help/buffs, but like stated already, it looks doubtful- especially since TC has TACTICS coming this week.

I like the GL idea above, but ideally, as a melee tank, shes a little better suited for a chainsaw bayonet… rare to get one unless another player swaps out for some reason, makes a world of difference (so I don’t question when it happens, I’m just grateful lol).
BUT, something I haven’t seen anyone really notice/bring up on here: I always offer my overkill to Kait before fabricator set up, getting the retro lancer in return, and when you get a retrocharge execution, usually, GSD (her exploding melee kill legendary card) will trigger on the “slam down” at the end of the animation. It’s quickly becoming preferred to me over the chainsaw, but that’s probably because that weapon trade is more common.

She’s definitely not easy to play with LIMITED skills, but I’m pretty adept at being a support style player… revives, tap running, Cryo cannons, etc. I’m glad she’s maxed now so I can just obliterate on lower difficulties and get to grinding other characters on insane/master.

As an amusing note (to me at least), until about three weeks ago, I didn’t know you could “three piece” melee enemies to stun them at any time before performing a standing execution. So, now, I’m getting a lot less GSD explosions, but I’m practically a one man army now… run up on an enemy, and any lost stim on the run up is usually regained by the third part (bashing) of the melee “three piece”, then you can leave the enemy stunned, repeat until downed, execute, or whatever. It’s fun toying with the enemies.

Those maces though—— with her ultimate activated and GSD… gdamn it can stop just about anything, including matriarchs if you’re lucky/play just right. Toss flashes to close the distance and smash smash smash.

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