I want to eat Marcus

You know those spongebob popsicles?

Well I want a Marcus one, I want to be able to eat Marcus.
The colors & flavor he could have as follows
Marcus would be peach flavored
He would have 3 colors, Peach, Black, & White with black gumball eyes
What do you guys think?

Na man those are horrible lol. They should do the old wrestling ice cream bars but with Microsoft characters


Agree to disagree.

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I’m more afraid of what Marcus would look like more than anything else lol

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Would it be old man Marcus or Classic Marcus?

I’d still eat a Marcus themed ice cream no matter what

This might be the wrong forum for people who want to eat big muscular men


I think it’s the right one

It’s a bit cold but emmm tasty? :smirk:

Batista Bar. Tastes bomb.

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