I want to buy server help to have 5 ping

Hello TC I would like to enjoy this game as much as your favorite boys, the great players with your server aids, where do you have to buy these aids? I have 1 gigabyte of connection and I can’t get 1,2,3,4,5,6, 7,8,9,10,11,1,2,13,14,15,16,17 etc ping

And it all depends on where you’re located and what server it attaches you to.

half the time I’m playing my ping is between 50 and 70 and the other half it’s between 5 and 20 so… It depends on a lot i think

I have one for sale. It will cost you only $200 in Apple cards. Tired of pawning all the people with bad pings. Xmas special- act fast before it`s gone. JK

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Distance to server is the most important factor.

Ironically, there are people that report low ping as a major disadvantage. My experience has been the opposite but everyone has an opinion on it. I sympathize with you if you always have high ping. If I connect to a distant server I get high ping too and it feels awful.


Is your console hardwired to the router? That makes a big difference, but even then for PVP modes it depends on which server the game is running off.

If I’m hosting a game - let’s say a Horde or Escape game, my ping is typically between 2-8. One of my friends is also from the UK, albeit about 80 miles away, but when I connect to his lobbies my ping is the same and is usually even lower than his one is despite him hosting, so presumably we’re on the same server but I just have a better connection.

Given what I’ve seen on these forums, I cannot tell if he’s serious or not.

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I will not say where I live because it would be worse, but your eyes do not see well or you lie if you say that there are not many players with ridiculously low ping, unfortunately in gears game the ping is the one that wins, unless you are a magician and guess first to shoot, before your response time, impossible thing, game sold not good players, how many games have you seen that offer 1 ping? or 2 or 3 or 4 etc.
I decided to leave competitive to see this kind of favors hahaha competitive yeeeeeeees

The ping is the time calculated in micro seconds that takes to connect from your place to the server. It is based on a physical connection thus greatly influenced by your distance to the server. You could have the most expensive top tier internet connection but would still ping 50+ if the server is a thousand miles away from your location.

You can improve your ping with a good ISP, ethernet, good router and keeping your upload clean while gaming but that’s it.

There is no such a thing as buying a lower ping out of nowhere. If you live close to a server you will have a low ping even if you’re connected to the wifi at Mc Donald’s.


Man, you are too serious¡ now and since I have ping 1 I will become a fan of gears, a good way to capture yes, I speak to you in Europe when there are some azure, and very, very poorly distributed, where I live we are not privileged from Microsoft but if they sell here their products, even so, never or in any game has 1/10 ping been seen, too good for some, when we all pay the same, and they have not just fooled me, luckily I am very sensitive to lag / ping and there is a kind of trick to that you do not see but there is, manipulation

Lmao why would you pay to be at a disadvantage low ping doesnt mean anything in gears 5… Anytime im lower than 50 the enemies eats shots so you clearly have no idea about how this game works😂

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Bullet-eaters are with a good ping, I have never played a gears ok
better ping = better response time = bullet-swallowing sensation match host x4 players
do not take drugs you feel really bad,
I suppose you are one of those who spend the game hidden waiting for a victim to pass

I get 205MB download speed and have been averaging a ping of 1-4 the last few weeks and let me tell you, the last four weeks have been the worst this game has ever played. It’s been getting worse every time I play since Op5, but lately it’s been pure hell.

Good luck with lowering your ping, it won’t do a damn thing for you.

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bandwidth ≠ lower ping

if you want low ping I have a very simple way to achieve that. move closer to a server.

you can shout “I pay for the best internet!” all day long. it’s not moving you physically closer to a data center.

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what a big face you have, no shame,

if he plays with one hand it won’t be because of his good ping gentleman

Is this a phallic reference? If so, buy me dinner first and then we can return to this riveting conversation. If not, still buy me dinner as I hit Masters using one hand.

if you want I’ll give you reason
if better ping worse game experience, tc will think you are ungrateful.
in addition to being helped, very big face, I knew that this game people leave the games out of anger, now a good ping is much worse

Much discussion. Such wow.


As people have said, there’s only so much you can do without up and moving closer to the server, to fix your ping.

Yes, but now it turns out that better ping is worse experience?


It is during versus, unless everyone has low ping (handy hint, they never do).