I want these maps in Gears 5

Mansion, Mausoleum and Escalation.

I want to be able to play on more than 3 maps while playing horde.
I only seem to get the slab, canals, and raven down.
No re made maps from 3 or 4 please.

Mansion 100%


I’m not a big fan of PvE but I wish you the best.


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I know legacy maps like Gridlock and canals have been overdone but honestly they play so well

Gridlock and canals are my pic
Oh… and Fuel Depot lol

Wait, someone actually wants Escalation?

Gridlock needs to return, even if people now hate it. It’s the Blood Gulch of Gears. You need it there for tradition. Otherwise, at launch, most maps should be free with maybe one remake in every “pack” so-to-speak.

At the point, Gridlock, Canals and Fuel Depot seems boring for Horde. That’s my personal opinion. I would like to try other different legacy maps and new ones that were not in Gears 4.