I want these magic power ups

That mister,is true! I can hit up to 4 times and get 99%! And the enemy doesnt even get downed??
And the best of all,we exhanged shots at ca same distance from each other, And the enemy one shots me?
Like if that many times and its 88 or 99%,it doesnt make sense! That they still survived,and not downed at LEAST😱

T.C Plz Look Into It,
and btw how does this swarm thwirl? And trick shot you? That is something i have seen, my self in game, the spinjutsu thing.

Yes connections in this game stink but these clips are examples of terrible gnasher mechanics. I thought I heard most of this games mechanics came from gears 3, but I see crazy camera shooting happening all the time where people kill you when their character is facing the complete opposite way. TC never will respond to some of these things, or the dozens of other core issues with the game


Wait until you do 100% damage to them and they just go down but not a kill. Those are the best.


Always love your video clips.

I call that one lagagotapus.

It’s an old dinosaur that everyone knows exists but TC.


They never respond because they dont know how it works.

They got code from Gears 3 from epic. Now they are on their own. No one re-engineer code to figure-out how it works.

They coded Gears 4 on top on unknown gears 3 code. This is totally expected.

Unfortunately unless they start from scratch, expect this ■■■■■■■■.

Exactly. Think they will sort the lag issues in Gears 5? Not a chance because of this very reason. They can mess about with ping filters and tick rates and that won’t change a thing. The netcode is the issue here.

Thanks! I had another tactical nuke go off around the 1:25 mark in this video.
(just got all my clips transferred from the past few months)


That’s :100: BS, thank you TC for these incredible moments. :upside_down_face:

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Got to love those wall busting frags…

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“And they want us to buy Gears 5”… fits the topic perfectly.


TC be like: