I want these magic power ups

Up, Up, down, down, A, B, A, B, reload, spin - KABOOM…


The spirit of Michael Jackson lives on through the locust.

I see people use that tactic a lot. It’s good to confuse your opponent and make them second guess themselves

Looks like he went to reload, but saw you moving in so melee’d and took cover to cancel it. The reload animation kept playing but he wasn’t reloading.

This is legit. As you can see below, he’s using the hidden mortar gnasher. This weapons fires pellets up to the stars and then they come crashing down on you, you die instantly.


What was the ping in game?

That’s almost as good as this shot. (The magic starts at ~0:27)


Total BS. That’s the thing. The high ping players dont seem to realize that it benefits them. If I ever message a high ping lagstar they say well you are just bad. Or I get the usual, jajajajajajajajaja

Typical response from the laggy players.

I’ve never comprehended the concept of penalizing good internet to make it fair for everyone.

It’s just like every getting a trophy for participation.

Gears 5 NEEDS a connection test upon start up to qualify for its servers, and if you don’t pass the set standard, you are put into P2P Mm


using the rocket pod means you deserved to get lag killed imo

I didn’t even know that was a thing… I thought once you started the reload you were stuck for the duration…

I’ve been killed so many times tapping my keyboard for my gnasher while waiting for my snub to reload

I was 22 -25 everyone else 80- 100


Lmao, that explains it!

It’s like she just dies of an aneurysm in the middle of battle… lmao


I guess we know what happened to Anya now. Case closed.

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when ever someone spins with a double reload always jump back as there is no combo breaker for this move. you were a done deal once you commited. this was all you fault with you horrid connection.

He shot you while his gun was up in the air. Here’s another great example of hit detection.


This was all my fault with my horrid connection?

How is me (pinging 22 ) compared to the rest of the players in the match (pinging 80+) = my horrible connection?



Can’t wait to try this out

i was joking it was his connection. looking at your thread i thought u would see the sarcasm.


Sorry, I missed it. I thought the last sentence seemed a bit out of place from the rest of the post.


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What tactic? I dont understand how he gets 100% and OP gets 60% from the exact same range.

The gun being in the air is also BS .


That part I don’t get, it might have been an up A but visually it didn’t come out for the OP. I see that spinning on the cover move used sometimes. Never the Gnasher in the air part.

Yeah been getting a few of those recently… one that stands out is I shot someone fairly close range, he ran away, we then exchanged two aimed shots each at the same time at the same range. I went down, he did not and apparently I scored 61% against him with 3 shots. WTF?

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