I want TCA recruit Because my friends have it

I want TCA recruit please

Sure. Why not.

Is TCA that scheme where GOW fans have to make sexy videos for the GOW community and can then receive gifts for it?


I actually have no idea but that sounds cool

Yeah the only things I know you get are renders and if you’re a TCA long enough iirc, you get to be a TC Partner and get a cool Lancer skin.

Pretty much. The Coalition Army is a program that very rarely gets any attention. I dont know about gears 5, but in Gears 4 anyone who signed up got the TCA recruit lancer (white skin with blue stripes) and people who made partner after reaching a certain milestone received the TCA (think it was called partner skin?) skin that was Gold with black stripes. If I remember correctly, your channel didnt have to be solely about gears but gears content had to be a major portion of it.