I want more maps

I’m tired of playing the live maps and the same gridiron game modes but others I want you to add more maps and game modes I just want that please

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You’ll have to wait like everyone else dude.


River is overrated. Use to be quite campy.

I’m quite sure I remember people glitching into the walls and hiding there. Only way to kill them, was ink grenades or glitch into wall as well.


I’d be happy with rooftops and subway, maybe a few others gears 1 maps but I think more people should try getting into escape, it’s a lot of fun on master when everyone knows what to expect.

Rooftops was okay, I always thought that they should have changed the climb over part, to all slopes. That way, people can rush over quickly and keeps the momentum going.

Subway was only good for some modes. Had some good execution battles back in the day on it.

I don’t want any remakes any more.

TC just needs to step it up & win us over.

Imagine playing a game for over 11+ years just to be playing on the same maps …

Tired of checkout, blood drive, etc.

Everyone knows where to camp & cross it’s so bad.

I like all the new maps even pahanu.

Pahanu got a lot of hate but if you play blood drive or checkout at a high level pahanu is nothing!

Pahanu has a lot of opportunities for close combat like the out skirts of the map… but I’m guessing people don’t know this & only I do so I really exploit that as well as middle is set for a good cross…

A shame the community really trashed such a good map.

Anyway. I want new content. Lately, I just get headaches with all this recycling going on

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The problem is that it takes coalition something like 3-6 months to make 1 new map apparently.

Or a month to port one over from gears 4

Not ideal but I’d still welcome a few maps off there, avalanche, Raven down, gridlock etc

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There are so many good old maps that are due a return, especially from Gears 2. River is a given, it’s all but confirmed. I’m not sure how it’ll play out on Gears 5 but we’ll see.

I know there’s a demand for new maps but, with the exception of Reactor, it’s not TC’s strong point so right now old maps are the way to go. I’d love to finally see Mansion return, complete with the rain and added Swarm mass to freshen it up.

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I actually like most of the new maps personally.

Vasgar is especially good with the sniper battles

It’s not the worst map, but I’m nostalgic in the way I wanted older maps.

Familiarity to much, much better preceding games is much welcomed.

I think new maps are needed to keep it fresh once in a while but yeh the community would welcome so many older ones

It’s we, not I.

We all want new maps.

New title: We want more maps.

Operation 5 buddy. be a little more patient


I want cheese!