I want more enemies instead of sponge health(Horde)

I’m tired of being overwhelmed by one enemy that has the health of an entire army. I want to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies instead. Anyone feel the same?


horde /hôrd/ noun: a large group of people; an army or tribe of nomadic warriors; a large unorganized group of individuals; a teeming crowd or throng
Synonyms: army, crowd, drove, flock, herd, host, legion, mass, mob, multitude, swarm, throng

The Coalition:
horde /hard?/ lol: a few spongy enemies protected by Bastions who hide from your view
Synonyms: boring, unrewarding, snore


Don’t forget that they basically all have orbital cannons strapped to their guns as well. Cause everybody so enjoys going down in two seconds or less when they’re playing Elite or Insane.


Can they straight up remove Leeches while they’re at it?


I have been complaining that there is not enough Hordes in Hordes since 3.0.

As mentioned you should be overwhelmed/overrun by Locust and Swarm.


I remember in gears 2 and 3 having the feeling of “damn there’s too many, I don’t know if we’ll make it”. I want that again


Yes, this is one of the big problems with tc’s horde. More enemies is fun, in tc’s world its more bullets fired = more fun.

Horde needs to feel like the bit in the shock juvies hive, where those two spawn points dump a ton of juvies on you all in one go.
You didn’t even seem to get that volume of enemies all at once in the juvie horde event.


That’s a great example! One or two juvies is easy but ten or twenty, then you’re in trouble if you’re not careful.

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More Sires but add back the ability to chainsaw them. And have a loadout option so people can choose which starter to equip (chainsaw lancer/Retro/Hammerburst/Claw/Enforcer).

One can dream :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds perfect! :slight_smile:

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The Campaign has several of those moments while still giving you tougher targets to shoot at(Scions, Pouncers, Wardens, that kind, which you’d expect to survive more hits). Be it throwing a lot of Juvies at you, or loads of Drone type enemies in an encounter and possibly some Scions or other bigger enemies(Settlement 2 outside the construction hub, outside of the old mine in Act 2 by the ice lake, a particular section with a turret in the rocket hangar in Act 3, or most of Act 4 to name a few examples). All the while making the enemies feel appropriately tough and not making every single one an absurd bullet sponge that kills you as soon as it blinks at you.

It just makes me wonder why TC then decides every enemy has to be a bullet sponge instead of going with a more Campaign-esque balance for them and the weapons, and literally has a template existing with the Campaign already to base themselves off of for a balance. Just shooting an enemy for a longer time doesn’t equal skill, in my opinion of course, when you basically can only do it while said enemy is being pounded by Sentries, damaged and slowed by barriers or potentially stunned by Shock Sentries as well, or all three at the same time, so it barely fights back, and from the exact same spot every time, and if it does shoot you you’re almost guaranteed to go down(on the higher difficulties - Elite offers a slightly higher margin of error/movement and opportunity to shoot an enemy when it isn’t under those conditions). So much fun… not. Where’s the “skill” in fighting a Pouncer when it is stuck somewhere in barriers or just sitting on the same piece of cover firing quills until it is dead? The Campaign makes you move around various covers and try to keep track of where they are to avoid them, which in my view requires some skill(particularly if doing the Insane Campaign), such a thing is not done in Horde much where you camp a specific spot on a map all the time, be it a dead end or some other spot on it. What you actually do in Horde is render the enemies worthless, or almost. Cause that’s such a great way to keep things engaging.

Jingle Juvies did have a lot of Juvies at times. I certainly noticed that there was a lot of them around after wave 10+ occasionally. And wave 20 almost exclusively consisted of Poppers every time I played the mode… on Beginner, granted, but I was playing it to have some relaxed fun cause the balance is so screwed up you would only be able to hold those Juvies off with fortification support… or hope that the Poppers cause a chain reaction which is unlikely to happen in Horde.


Great point about TC not making horde like campaign. I wish they would make it more like the encounters in the campaign.

Also the point about camping one spot all the time I totally agree with. Its boring to just defend the same spot. I think there’s too much things that can be built. They should strip it down a bit. That way you will be forced to move around more on the map, and that is a lot more fun.

They should lower the health of the enemies and the damage they do. And instead double or maybe even triple the amount of enemies.

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Not even close. Orbital Cannon is like some kind of aerial satellite-view air strike from GTAO, so it would very closely resemble the Hammer of Dawn. I know you wouldn’t understand the reference but some might.

Leeches are easy to encounter with Barriers.

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It was an exaggeration. Of course the enemies don’t have that, but they do way too much damage when More Lethal is enabled.

I could also just be referring to orbital MAC cannons from Halo, which are basically railguns so big an entire space station is built around the weapon, with “orbital railgun cannons”, or the Hammer of Dawn with “orbital laser [cannon]•.

I wouldn’t compare Campaign to Horde, but Escape. At least in Escape, you move around from places to places rather than camping in Horde.

The reason enemies have tougher HP and tankier in Horde and Escape is because we have and use hero characters with high damage cards. It has to be balanced. It’s like their HP been balanced around damage cards. Otherwise, we would steam roll through them because it’ll be like playing Campaign with damage cards.

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Except it’s only 3-4/5characters with ridiculous/high damage output, everyone else is firing peashooters or a Tri-Shot, if not a Claw.

And damage boosts or not, I do not see it as a justification to make most guns in a shooter completely irrelevant when they don’t have damage boosts because of RPG mechanics and character tied classes. Or relegate everyone besides the main 4-5 damage dealers to being a support for them and having roles that are very undefined at that.


lol imagine if boomshields did not exist in Gears 2…then I might have learned how to stay on the move in Horde :joy:

Anyone remember the GoW2 tech demo for UE?

Skip to 1:03

Obviously tech limitations aside, the next Horde mode should focus on allowing this sort of onslaught. Oh and don’t mix in robots into the batch, robots are some of the most boring, visually unimpressive enemies to shoot or frag in games.

Horde 6.0 should also have factions you fight. Ex: Locust, Swarm or Deebees. And a fourth option that mixes them all should you choose. I’d rather fight the Horde or Swarm than robots and having the option to not fight the deebees would be nice


Meat cube is canon.

Also, they did have a ton of locust on-screen in a lot of the Gears 2 campaign so we know it is possible outside tech demos.