I want magnetism back on

Look we all agree we dont like it and in a perfect world we dont need it.
But this isnt a perfect world and we need it set back to the old system. The game is so laggy and the latency so bad you need it.
This isnt fixing my lancer ghosting people.
Once again I’m shooting someone who is down and they arent dying. I unloaded a whole clip in him while he was down so distance shouldnt matter at that point either.
I’d prefer the old system and their weekly update suggestion isnt going to fix the current game as is.

In fact the new system means the current system will be left behind and we will recycle the same argument again.

No we don’t need magnetism back on. they broke the gnasher as usual and the lousey pings aren’t going to give you assistance with magnetism. You just aren’t going to hit them still. Magnetism will only give you shots you should have missed when its working right. TC screwed this game and killed off the playbase while doing so. There really is no fix. The only fix is brining people back to gears 5 which isn’t going to happen at this point. Maybe Gears 6 will be better but that only depends on if the people they shooed away will actually give it another chance.


I disagree. At least with it back on the way it was I feel my shots stand a chance.
I know the game is broke.

I dont mean to sound like a jerk but maybe you aren’t actually hitting your shots. I am well aware that the game has flaws due to ping as I’ve had entire games where I just played an assist role but it was all the same magnetism or not. You now need to be more precise to hit them. Magnetism isn’t going to help with ping thats just not how that works.


Would you like to see my lancer video? Cuz I clipped it. I know when I hit my shots. I know what the clunk and spawn shield sounds like.
I know what it’s like to see a guy wrap around I move and on the replay it shows me never moving .

Listen Man, I am not trying to argue with you. I experience the same messed up crap while playing my point is the bullet magnetism isn’t going to remediate that problem. The lag and connections to servers this game makes is atrocious. I have games where I can’t hit the side of a barn no matter what weapon I am using despite aiming at the target. Its frustrating, I get it, I am just saying I don’t think that’s the fix for that.


I don’t know why the game is laggy.

Agree it makes a world of difference.

I’d consider PVP borderline unplayable at this point.

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The game is broken in it’s current form. A severe lack of hit detection combined with consistent packet loss, in my experience anyway, which makes the game practically unplayable.

I understand your frustration TC to add magnetism back to the game it would clearly only lead to more issues. I’m taking everything they say with a pinch of salt since when it comes to applying the update they’ve spoken so confidently about, it’s normally disastrous and immediately needs a fix.

Fun fact: I actually played Gears 4 3 hours ago to this post and experienced no lag in any form as well as all my shots landing and people bloody dying when they should.


Maybe…I just feel and maybe I’m wrong here that at least maybe it would help my shots.
What’s the worst it gonna do? Mess the game up more? Lol

I played quite a few matches tonight with friends and i we could all see the same ppl stuttering about the map, one thing ive noticed more since op4 is when using power weapons and u try n shoot theres a big delay when u shoot to the actual time the weapon fires. This has caused me to waste quite a few dropshots.

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Aim better



I dont think they can mess up this game anymore…actually forget I said that TC may find a way lol.

I just cannot get used to it either. Yep I get like in just about every other console shooter ever I had some form of this but I find it unplayable now. I’m also sick of the tweaking so much now to the point I can’t tell if I’m having a bad day or the games changed. I can’t be bothered to keep reading about all the tweaks and will just pve. It just isn’t worth my time to keep relearning how to play.


It’s the game. Yeah sure sometimes it’s my game play and I just miss. I had on last night where I whiffed hard and new it.
Most of the time its same distance shooting and i am hitting them and nothing.

Leave it off, they know the gnasher has issues… Let them work it before taking a step “back”.

I don’t know when the gnasher “fix” is coming though…

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The gnasher still has issues, I’ve recorded loads of clips where there body has lit up with bullets and didn’t take any damage.

There’s also clips of gnasher pellets going through people. Like it’s not registering the hit.

Best way too play is lancer support for other players

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Yup, me too. This lag is SOOOO bad. The servers are absolute TRASH. I’m dying in the most ridiculous ways. BS flying everywhere. Shooting blanks and everything. I’m just about to stop playing this game.

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Absolutely not. I’m incredibly skeptical when I hear arguments like this. The harsh reality has always been that maybe the people that complain the most never had good aim to begin with, and now they’re getting sobered and bodied by people who can actually aim. The magnetism changes have been one of the best things they’ve done with the new gears titles. It’s just going to take a while for everyone to adapt. We will potentially see even more whining with the parity increase between blindfire and ADS spread coming in the next dev playlist. Wallbouncing and blindfiring is going to take a lot more precision than it used to.

You talked about the lancer on a downed kill in the OP: this isn’t caused by magnetism issues to begin with.

I know what its caused by. Lag.

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