I want gridlock back

gridlock is a classic map, why cant they put it back on.

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I sure don’t. I’m tired of it and I’d rather have them focus on new maps/remasters. It annoyed me in gears 4 when everyone would ALWAYS vote for it over any other map. It’s a good map but I’m over it and in gears 5 it would probably be hell with the OP Lancers and bultoks.


I get that it’s iconic, but I thought that map was a campfest in Gears 4… With rifles playing an even larger part in Gears 5, I don’t see it playing too well IMO.


The problem I have is none of the remade Gridlocks felt like Gridlock. They all felt too big.

The Gears 1 Gridlock felt positively claustrophobic to me and I loved it. I don’t know if this is because they changed the map size in later games or if they made the player models smaller by comparison.


Has been a camp fest in every single iteration of the map. Gears 1 gridlock got a pass because the lancer and hit registration was straight booty.


Raven down or a similar styled small map but I’ll take a pass on another Gridlock. I used to love that map but it did turn into a lancer fest on Gears 4.

All gears 4 maps were stretched out and widened to accomodate the tc roadie speed and to improve the abiltiy to run around the map easier for escalation (not to bounce around the maps like a proper gears map).

So you are correct the last remake was too big and so would a new one be.

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If they do bring back gridlock, they’d better revamp it unlike the carbon copies they delivered. They didn’t even bothered to change the aesthetics of Lift, Harbor, Foundation, Dam and Forge…

Gridlock, tyro station, chaps fire station, and more from gears 2 cant remember the rest

They need just just remaster gears 1, again lol.

If I still played the game I’d agree since it’s a better map than anything that TC can come up with, apparently.

Gridlock is the alpha so yeah most maps can’t beat it.

But TC came up with some of current favorites like Foundation and Training Grounds so I know they can do it.

I think it’s time we give Gridlock a break. It’s been in every Gears game (Minus Judgment if I remember correctly). I’m not saying it’s a bad map by any means. It’s definitely a classic map of the franchise. But I’m tired of playing it over and over again. It’s time for TC to focus on creating new maps instead of constantly rehashing old ones. I still feel ripped off from the gears 4 season pass when the majority of maps were remakes. Let TC create new maps that you’ll be requesting to return in future titles.

Nah, I’m so sick of that map. I’d take a new map over it.

Agreed. Much rather see a new map or one we haven’t seen since gears 2 (river.)

I hope you’re right. I can’t really name any other map that’s as good as Foundation that has been made by TC.

Always good to have a positive outlook though. I’m sure they have it in them. Sadly I don’t play anymore, but I hope that they do right by the people that are still playing Gears 5.