I want an explanation for this

W-what? I can’t even explain what I just witnessed.

I had a similar experience here lol:

If you pause it at 23 seconds and scroll through it, they shoot away from the cover without hard aiming and I die I was shocked that this happened

Yeah that’s weird. It didnt look like they had aimed over the cover, looked like they just shot into air

Yes. Very confusing. Can anybody please explain how the Kantus was able to actually kill 3 COG players w/his gnasher? .I mean, quite frankly I am stunned by this…is he hacking? What the hell is going on???
His elimination was by a very.laggy player. Probably someone playing on their neighbours Wi-Fi in Mexico. …but his first 3 elims are quite the enigma…

What do you mean? I only counted 2, plus I playing on US servers so my ping is over 100 so lag is expected

My only explanation is that they had to meet some sort of deadline and appease their investors, so they created a match making system that matches you with the opposite side of the world because it made it look like there were going to be a LOT of happy players all connected together laughing, playing, you know, just having a good time. Unfortunately because of the deadlines they hadn’t quite figured out how to equally match people together so that they would be happy. So they just said, okay, we’ve got a bag of twinkies and a case of mountain dew, let’s get to town. 15 minutes later they were like, shucks we have no clue how to do this! So they borrowed code from an open source VPN software and said problem solved! Now you’re connecting to China to play escape matches with someone who just started the game because play time, skill and level don’t factor into matchmaking. And it’s all because someone forgot to get enough twinkies and mountain dew fur everybody! James! When I make something to sell to someone, I usually check it out first for flaws but TC managed to bypass that part. So you want an explanation, here it is: They don’t play this game, These things don’t bother them. It’s not in their interest to fix it right away. If they can make an earnings report that isn’t negative, that’s all that matters.
I lost 2400 scrap out of nowhere. Same thing happened to my buddy, he says customer service told him 30 days. I’m onto another game. I’d rather not get down to the buttom of why this game has all these problems, the truth hurts, just move on.


@Nastyy_INinja Yes you are correct. Im so sorry. The first elim I saw was a different clip.
So, yes. Very confusing. How did this Kantus manage to kill somebody with the GNASHER b4 getting downed? How then did he actually manage to get 2 more kills with that same Gnasher after that. Getting not just elims, but actual kills w/the gnasher. And not just kills, but gibs…what in the hell is going on?? I mean he actually pointed that shotgun at his target, fired it, and killed somebody w/it. …im outraged. Clearly whomever was playing as Kantus was hacking. Probably some sort of aim bot…please send this to coalition for immediate review…