I want a new stat in the war journal for . .

how much time i’ve wasted watching the stupid animation for crafting bounties. hey we could just have you click a button and instantly have it but instead enjoy this stupid 5 second animation with super cool sound effects.

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For crafting… The only thing I can suggest is to use the card companion instead of the game.

It lets you create multiple cards at once, something the game should have really had since day one ideally…


As N3WB said, use the website and it’s pain free :+1:

i was unaware that existed. is it on gow.com?

Yes, click the menu button at the top right and click on Cards.

yep. i’m an idiot. 90 plus days played in multiplayer and somehow didn’t notice that on the website.

To be fair who would have thought the website would be so much quicker than doing things in game? During development I can’t imagine why they ever thought it was acceptable for the way it’s done in game between the long animations and inability to craft multiple cards at a time.

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