I wanna play Co-op vs AI matches as the RED team

there are a decent amount of people playing coop bot matches and i thought it would be nice to see your bad guy loadout. you know like just randomly chose the players team and bot team at the start of the match. i know its not a big deal but still…

im not much of a multiplayer guy so i only play PvP when there is an event and play Coop AI when i wanna complete an easy bounty or something.


Yes !

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It’s been requested quite a few times in the past and I doubt it’ll happen this late in the game, but YES YES YES!

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oh i didnt knew it was requested before :confused:

Any opportunity not to play as the villains is good by me.

Yeah definitely. I don’t often play Versus so don’t get to rock out my Swarm/Locust skins much.

There was a function in GOW3 when playing against AI which allowed you to switch sides. I really hope in Gears 5 that there is a similar function. Perhaps a vote function if you’re in a lobby with others? And/or the ability to state a preference of human or swarm when you start searching for games?

Hopefully this is something that they will add into gears 5. I also play co-op whenever I feel like playing gears without stress and to also complete bounties. Its the only thing I play in gears 4 since everything else is either boring/frustrating to play.

Only lan offline. Swarm against cog bots. Is this what u mean?i play offline and have a blast just dont get rewards like gow3.