I’ve posted previously about this but would like new info. It’s about the Dark fate DLC with Grace & Rev 9 I’m having issues being able to use the Rev 9

I’ve tried uploading a picture but In case of it not showing up I bought the new dark date DLC with Grace and Rev 9, I’m able to play as Grace but apparently it still says that the terminator skin is locked. How do I fix this?

Somebody on Reddit said the Rev 9 is a T-800 skin… Meaning if you haven’t bought pack 1 (with Sarah Conner + T800) you can’t use the Rev 9 skin.

Which if that’s true, if you buy Pack 2 without Pack 1, you’re basically paying $20 for Grace, as you’ll never be able to unlock the T-800 to put Rev 9 on.

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TC should really advertise that in the pack because I wouldn’t of bought the pack if I knew I wasn’t able to get the Rev 9 skin.

Thank you TC for scamming me into buying this pack.


I hope it’s not true and it was just an oversight. Seems scummy for sure if it was intended that way.

It doesn’t show a lock on the pic you posted. If your having trouble equipping it try restarting your game

Yes there’s no lock like there is one on warden but if you look Grace picture is light and Rev 9’s picture is dark with a small lock above the legendary name.

Damn. That lock is barely noticeable. There’s no lock on the icon probably because there are no challenges for Rev 9 (or T-800).

This is probably an oversight since it uses the same mechanics as the Totem system.

I think it’s stupid that you need the base character, though. Wasn’t a thing in any other Gears game.

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It’s strange as I don’t have the OG one but purchased the DLC and have been able to play as rev 9 for a couple days then all of a sudden it’s locked seems pretty shady as I could previously use the character without having the OG and when purchasing nothing states you need to have it

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Tweet Octus on Twitter, TC don’t check the forums, I’m sure it’ll be fixed once it’s noticed. I can understand the frustration tho

It’s locked which is ■■■■■■, if you look at where it says terminator just above it there is a lock logo on it.

This was an oversight on TC’s part. Contact them on twitter, you will get both paks. Yes the rev is a skin of the 800, you need that.

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Can you please check if this is fixed?