I’ve made a few guesses about the “Brawler” profession

During the duration of “Locomotive”, the player cannot press the space bar to run, and walking is locked to running. The player cannot make a “power hit” and is locked into a “blocking attack”.

Enemies within 2.5 meters of the player will be ignited by the fire aura and put into a burning state for 5 seconds

The “Locomotive” is immune to the slowing effect of the scare Resistance bullet entry for a duration

The split spear will now be carried on the back instead of held during the locomotive duration, the 20% damage reduction of the spear still works, but it cannot be used to attack, and will drop its ammo when hit.

The locomotive lasts 7.5 seconds and cools for 250 seconds

Passive: Melee attacks have been replaced with powerful Strike, dealing 2250 damage

“Power Strike” stun small enemies (enemies of your own size) for 1 second, but has a 1 second forward shake

Unable to launch a “power strike” while holding a cleaver spear

Blocking attack: A melee attack after running for 1 second triggers blocking. No forward swing. 3000 damage

A kill from a blocking attack heals itself and gives it a shield

Unable to launch a blocking attack while holding a cleaver spear

Level 2, Powerful Strike: increases melee damage by 170%, and stun time increased to 3 seconds. Does not increase “intercept attack” damage, nor does it increase split Hammer and spear damage. (Level 3). (2250 x1. 7 = 3825)

Level 3: Searing dullness: Burning enemies slowed by 60% (Level 6)

Level 4: Damage charge: Gain 40% damage resistance during sprint (Level 6)

Level 5, With fire: After actively loading a weapon, bullets have a 25% chance to set enemies on fire, dealing 50 fire damage for 4.9 seconds.

Level 6: Combo Ball Master: Takes 60% less melee damage (Level 6)

Level 7, Torch block: “Block attack” puts hit enemies into a burning state, dealing 225% damage if they are burning (Level 4).(3000X2.25=6750)

Tier 8: Steam Engines: Burn range increased by 100% when using the “Locomotive” (Tier 5)

Pyromaniac - level 9 - deals 100% bonus burn damage (level 6). (50 x2 = 100)

Level 9, Defensive blocking: After killing an enemy with a blocking attack, you gain 30% more protection in addition to your passive shield (Level 3).

Level 10, Exhilaration: Max health and regeneration speed increased by 60% (Level 6)

Level 11, Burn Enhancement: Killing a burning enemy with a “blocking attack” gives the player’s current weapon an active reload effect for 10 seconds and increases its damage by 60% (level 6). (No bonus to power strike, block attack, and Burn duration damage.)

(BUG: Burn enhancement loses 1.25 times the active reload bonus of a weapon.)

Level 12, Burn and Charge: Each burning enemy increases the engine’s charge speed by 6% (level 6).

  1. Inner Flame: The Locomotive gains 32% damage resistance when usable, but does not take effect while cooldown (Level 6)

Level 14, Time to Kill: Each time you kill an enemy using the Locomotive, your kill duration increases by 2.25 seconds (Level 6)

Level 15, All Glory: Flaming enemies explode after death, dealing 30% Max health damage (Level 6)

Level 16, Soft and warm: Health regeneration increases by 275% while within 2.5 meters of a burning enemy, cancels the 2.5 second health regeneration delay (level 6).

Level 18, Fuel tank: Hellflame Launcher ammo cap increased by 120% (level 6).

Level 19, Hellfire Mastery: Hellfire Launcher damage increased by 70% (level 6). (50x1.7 =85, add stack with Pyromaniac and Persistent warfare, 50X (1+1+0.7+0.5) = 3.2x50 =160, total damage per fire increased from 2200 to 7840)

I find these posts fascinating.

Not because it contains new information. Alot of it is copied straight from the game itself like skill card descriptions etc. But from a language perspective and how some words translate. I expect Google Translate or something was used so it’s not necessarily on par with say, an actual bilingual human person translating it. But nonetheless I find it interesting to see how some words are translated differently; and in some languages certain words or phrases simply don’t exist, and the alternative word used for the translation may differ and change the context after translation.

Just to add (which some seasoned Brawler’s will already know) this doesn’t apply when using the Brawler’s ultimate ability. A Brawler can hold the Break Mace (“Cleaver Spear”), activate the ultimate ability and still be able to tackle. It also applies the Breaker Mace’s increased damage to the tackle attacks during your ultimate so each tackle becomes much stronger. However you will use up “ammo” for your Break Mace. Also enemies will treat you as if you’re holding a Breaker Mace so are more likely to try and roll away when you are close to them.


I was gonna say this is like those youtube videos where people just literally read the cards description and add no new information and call it a guide lol


“Cleaver Spear” - that’s how I’m going to call Breaker Mace from now on ( I used to call it Face Breaker)

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Came for the guesses.

Left disappointed.

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I tested it and it halves the damage you would have taken without it.
So if you have no damage reduction, you now have 50% damage reduction, if you have 20% damage reduction, you now have 60% damage reduction.

Pair it with Brawler’s ult and damage dash, you can get 50% + 40% (these are added) = 90% damage reduction. Then, if you have a stick in your hand, you now have 95% damage reduction (you are now taking half the damage you would have taken without the stick since instead of taking 10%, you are now taking 5%, which is half) so you can eat a lot of damage. But if the stick breaks while ulting, it leaves you vulnerable for several seconds since you cannot run and you lose your Damage Dash. That has got me downed more times than I would like to admit.


I learned something new. Thank you

“the locomotive” and “cleaver spear”. For some reason I find those terms sounding a lot cooler than the actual ones.