I’ve Killed Things, Seen Places glitch?

I already used Google to try and figure out why the percentage would glitch but the reasons I found don’t apply to me. Does anyone know why my achievement progress went from 60% to 69%? The game only registers the progress if you finish 1-50 so I can’t understand how I’m short by 1%. Could it be because we started with a 5 man squad and 3 people left due to the time but 1 came back immediately? 2 players joined next wave to make it a full 5 man team. I’m not sure why it would matter as there was always 2 of us which as I understand is the requirement. I had a 1-50 bounty activated and it did indeed count so that adds to the confusion.

I’m curious if I’ll have to redo Reclaimed or if there is a quicker work around? Ah well, it’s amazing that this game has such poorly programmed achievements. So many instances of players completing a task and the game can’t figure out what to do.

I had to do every map twice, and the one that unlocked it for me was a smooth 1-50 with no dropouts the first time around.

I have completed every map with the last being Forge and it didn’t unlock. I’m stuck at 89% which is where I was after doing 9 maps.

@anon86589457 and @TC_Octus, is there any way to fix this issue? I know for a fact I’ve done every map as I kept a list from start to finish and it’s still glitched.

Did you get it sorted in the end? I’m stuck at 69% as well right now and replayed the same map that gave me the 9% progress. Didn’t resolve it for me

The next map went up by 11% so it evened out. The issue is when I got to 89% the last map I needed didn’t even raise it at all. I did the first map I ever did over again and it unlocked which is odd because I know for a fact the first map counted originally.

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Ah ok I’ll try that. That’s weird, guess I’ll get ready to replay some I’ve already done. Thanks for getting back to me. Appreciate it :+1:

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