I’ve been suspended from matchmaking

So I’ve been playing ranked for a few days. We kept getting stuck with people that are way higher ranked then our team. Countless times we had a few players leave on our team. I don’t see any point in continuing the matches with three people on our team. I just went to start another match and now it says I’m banned. How long is the ban for? Who do I contact to get unbanned? I didn’t even know it was a thing tbh. I’m not saying I’m not in the wrong. But I hate playing on teams that aren’t equal or one less person and sometimes even the ping is so bad. Also my connect issues have been off occasionally so I left for that reason. :thinking: if I knew a ban was possible I definitely would of just stuck it out in the matches.

Its usually 15 mins for the 1st ban. You chould be good now,

TC needs to make it like it was in Gears 4 where you could quit 2 minutes after the 1st person quit(I believe that was the time frame could be wrong) without getting suspended.

Yeah i can play again!

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