I’ve always wondered why

I seem to have teammates who don’t work together in TDM. I’ll literally talk to these kids and they do their own thing 90% of the time. How are people supposed to rank up like this?

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Because they are masochists.

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Me & a lot of forum members have been pushing to change that for months now.

TC had their opportunity to make it right in op5. Didn’t care it was 4v4 as long as we had squads.

Rather 5v5 but I’ll take a compromise.

The fact that these dudes refuse to give the TDM community this simple gesture of peace kinda speaks about them… they probably laugh at us too…

Wonder what goes through these guys minds & question them.

Wish they’d just stop with the ego power trip & let the players enjoy the game on the game mode of their choice.

& I don’t mean social… hate having to explain why social isn’t like ranked…

Because some people on here really don’t get it…

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I also think that since TC has brought a lot of new people to the Gears franchise that aren’t hardcore players, TC has to please that majority as well. The game seems a little in Alex’s between hardcore players and new players.