I used to be positive about gears 5 but now

i was the guy telling people gears 5 was great and that it was gonna kick ■■■!

but the update they did to the ranking made me really upset. i played days after days after days to get masters in koth! as a solo player it is very hard to get elo/points in koth… even tho i always get the most elims and mvp 80% of the matches i am onyx 2 now 98%… i went from 19983 points to 10kish. its just absurd all i cared about was the ping and my rank on koth. both are ruined… got to be honest my last 4 matches my highest ping was 30 but i think thats just getting lucky… now i have to spend another 2 days of playing time to get my masters back.

people saying that its the rank your supposed to be in. thats not true. you gonna make me gold when i average 44 elims a game? you gonna make me gold when i get mvp 80% off the time? you gonna make me gold when i gain positive points 9/10 games? common coalition youre now screwing the only fans you have left!!!

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Ping is good for me now too, but to be greeted by the ranking issues after not playing for a few days (because of the ping) is annoying - it’s yet another reason for people to avoid ranked. I love this game, but the issues are becoming unbearable at this point.

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