I understand it’s frustrating

And in no way am I defending them, but even Blizzard has this problem every launch. I’ve played WoW since 2009, and every expansion release there’s tons of bugs, lag and server boots and they’ve been going since 2005 and they have millions of people trying to connect to their servers.

Be patient, I’m sure they’re just as frustrated as you are right now. I doubt they would purposely create a crappy launch for something they’ve worked hard to create.

On a side note, I’m glad I didn’t call off work like I initially planned on :joy::joy:


I remember preloading Diablo 3 and finding out at launch that the preload was corrupted because they stuffed it if you downloaded it before they fixed it. Then when I finally downloaded the game again on Aussie internet I got error 37. A lot.

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I understand the whole be patient argument, the issue i think most people are annoyed about is that the main reason to pay extra for the ultimate edition is to play early. If this issue only gets resolved on or after Sept 10th then paying more to play early is a complete waste (unless you only play the campaign). Not moaning just making a point


I get your point, I just think the main reason for the Ultimate Edition is the extra content it has, and playing early is like a bonus, at least that’s how it is to me. Either way, I was frustrated yesterday for not being able to play, but I definitely support being patient and let things normalize, even yesterday after 1 hour or so I was able to play Quick Matches fairly easily

This is why online focused games suck, I’m canceling my pre order and pre ordering Doom Eternal instead.