I try to get into the mood to play sweaty but so uninspired

I’m just not in the mood to play all try-hard at all because I’m so damn bored out of my mind with the map rotation. Yeah the maps don’t age well since so many of the ports are so identical to how they looked in 4… makes them almost feel like they were late default maps and not dlc. and just exhausted from playin exhibit asylum and district and icebound and vasgaurd I’m so over them. Just something about those maps didn’t age too well for me not really sure why. Just kinda depressing choice of colors or somethin. I think my least favorite map in gears of war that I ever played might have to be allfathers arena though for sure. Just didnt even really execute on a gladiator vibe either idk if that’s what it was going for but just didn’t really enjoy that map at all.

but anyway I get this feeling we haven’t even scratched the surface of how many maps this game has yet. I’m hoping for at least ten I think that’s a good number that would be decent in a absolute worst case scenario. Would I rather have it be a 15-20 maps? Yes! Lol But don’t want to be too optimistic. Is that even a lot? I feel like we should get even more than that ha. How many more maps do you all think we will get roughly from here on out?

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Hope this sweaty pic inspires you.



Such a misleading title lol

But if they only gonna do 1 map every op launch and mid-op drop… 10 sounds pretty accurate.

I’m placing my bet on 12, see you in Vegas.

Hasn’t been anywhere near enough brand new maps. Half of this game is built on gears of war 4 ports.


Ports that were in 4 specifically that weren’t even changed visually… would it have killed you guys to make speyer or blood drive or foundation or dam take place at idk night time or something? could’ve just changed up the time of day and I would not have had a single complaint about anything ported from 4. I honestly would not have said a damn word. And that is not a knit pick that is effing common sense. I would have put up with any delays they might have needed.

At op agree re how sweaty it is, always the same at start of operation though. I’m also fed up of long drawn out 3 round matches with Master players (i’m Onyx 2) or 4 man sweats who do a fkn shuffle after each kill. Just can’t be bothered.

same here. i dont play much anymore because i dont like the new tuning, but i definitely see the game not being the same anymore.

i know they have population numbers because of gamepass and the new dlc but im just not even seeing the same tryhards like before. used to see people all night on gears and know they are going to apex and other games.

everyone being able to hit diamond/master also makes it for way more uncompetitive matches.

i really think that we are now starting to see the effects of everything that was said in the big tuning thread

Bro honestly like my heart tells me to get on gears and play some really sweaty tdm. That is my favorite thing to do because no matter how bad the tuning gets there is nothing like gears of war gameplay and pvp gore but the moment I look at any map I just get bored out of my mind. It’s making me feel kinda depressed.

I usually get mvp’s all the time.And I’m losing to these try-hards that suckkk but I’m honestly sooo bored and drained when I look at any map it just zaps all my energy and I get so damn sleepy. I no longer care to prove to myself that I can destroy a team I just don’t even bother I’m playing so lazy… my game of choice has been warzone lately and I’m really not a cod guy. But trying to get good at warzone has been a funner challenge lately. And pubg is my alternate third person experience but that game needs new maps too. It is just a serious drought right now and I’m months into having my series x with no new content.

I’ve been having a blast playing backwards compat and single player campaign stuff and action adventure games but missing my pvp and I’ve just been hangin on by a thread (pun intended) to this idea of better maps around the corner for this games entire life span. And I’m just starting to feel fatigued and depressed as a gears fan. Hope they really get the ball rolling I am really rooting for them man I don’t want to uninstall my favorite pvp gore experience. Ahh please hurry up with the maps I’m slowly giving up on it please lol hurry up and atleast bring back ranked execution for just one season or somethin come on help me out here.

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Honestly that’s me but the only map that would do that for me is all fathers lol. I go through the same thing you go through but instead it’s when I see the players. I’m in masters, a neat trick you can do to determine if you’re gonna be facing sweats is to see who’s on your team. If it’s high re ups then you’re most likely facing sweats/full stacks. If it’s lower then they might throw you a bone.

It’s when I get into the pre game lobby and I see the typical gears GT’s where you find a random word from the dictionary and make it an OG tag. Like determinates, dialates etc. Just takes me out the game cause I know I gotta play for my life against a full time Up A’ing everything. Also if you check they full profile they usually Mexican so seeing that I know they gonna be granted a whole bunch of BS gibs on a fraudulent ping that’s not really what is being displayed

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Allfathers garden is the worst gears map of all time unpleasant on the eye and a horrible layout it is really the moment that I knew I’m going to have trouble fighting through being miserably bored. Was looking forward to that op and saw allfathers garden and felt so extremely turned off I’ll never forget the disappointment. Never felt that bad about a gears map. Would’ve rather got literally any gears 4 port over the existence of that map honestly it’s horrible it’s hands down the most horrible map ever made I’m so sorry but damn it’s true needs to be said.

No seriously all the other maps from tc are decent compared to that map… I can honestly say that one map just kills the vibes so bad. And I don’t do bad on that map it’s not a matter of whether I find success on it or not… it’s just a very bad looking design choice the atmosphere is suffocating on that map and uninteresting and the different variants each round is such gimmicky garbage never does anything for me not exciting at all. Choice of power weapons is not interesting at all as well.and the colors are so dull and the time of day in the sky isn’t appealing just more of the same muddy color.

Instead of making the map layout change so insignificantlye each round, they could have instead made it the only map with dynamic day and night cycles or somethin so it’s always a different time of day when you vote for that map. I probably woulda liked it if it were more visually pleasing and a randomized dynamic day and night cycle that would’ve lended a lot to the charm of that map and it’s overall direction… just a very ugly map as is.