I try to cancel in search but keeps saying if you return to lobby penalty

this bug has happened to me frequently today for example one of my friends will get Disconnected before we find a game so I try to cancel but it won’t let me even when it says match not created so whats the penalty this has happened to me twice today… do I lose rank? I’m Masters right now

Quitting affects your ranked completion rating, there’s a section on quit penalties in the latest What’s Up. Your RCR determines whether or not you’ll receive a suspension for quitting. If this happens then I guess you could drop out of Masters if other players overtake you while suspended.

If you’re seeing the penalty warning I think that means the matchmaking service has, at the very least, created the match lobby.

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I haven’t been suspended yet it happened twice within a hour but I have never quit an actual ranked game and I’m climbing in Masters still so I think im good