I try so hard to give you the benefit of the doubt

I keep giving it a month or 2. I come back. I try the game again. And it never changes. It’s hot garbage 24/7. I don’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish with this game… but whatever it is… it’s not working.

2v2, TDM, KoTH… it doesn’t matter what I join. My ping is a solid 6-8. It doesn’t go above 12. And it has to get hectic for that to happen.

But I’ll tell you what… when you have a ping of 6 in the Midwest of the US, and everyone else in the lobby is 150-200 and in Mexico… it makes for hands down the WORST gaming experience I’ve ever had.

I realize your game is on life support. I realize you’re scrambling to keep your studio open. But this isn’t the way to get players to come back. I can’t be bothered to play more than 2 games in succession before I just close the app and find something else to do. Last night I tried 2 games of 2v2 and my shots just couldn’t register against a player from Mexico with a ping that would jump from 100 all the way to over 1,000 periodically. It got so bad I chose to just walk away and go paint my garage. I chose to go paint and literally WATCH IT DRY, over playing your game.

That’s gotta mean something.

At this point, I have 0 faith you guys know wtf you’re doing or how to even fix this ■■■■ game.



Yeah. That’s a pretty accurate representation.

I get people are mad, and are unhappy with their experience that’s fair, but where are people getting the notion that the game is failing or that the studio is struggling?

They outsold gears 4 way back at launch, they got good reviews, not game of the year, but solid 8s ( I know someone is gonna say how the reviews are rigged, go ahead believe what you want) and store content must be selling because they keep releasing more. That’s not a sinking ship. Microsoft would drop the franchise like a bad habit if it wasn’t making money. As a matter of fact it has a spin off coming out next month. Sounds like TC is gonna be around for a while.

It’s fair to be pissed about ping advantage or that it’s just not what you wanted, but the studio is far from life support I can guarantee you that.


Ummm… no?

The game didn’t “outsell”. What the game did was have “over 3 million players on launch week”. Which was fueled 100% by the massive push of game pass that gave people access to Gears 5 for 1 dollar.

That’s 1. Dollar.


No outselling. It was a publicity stunt.

As far as all the content they’re releasing… most of it is either touched up skins from Gears 4 resold to you, or held off content from the campaign. Let’s also not ignore the fact that the game launched so bare bones it’s absolutely pathetic. They’ve been working on coding TU’s and adding more Gears 4 maps. Not characters. Not skins. That ■■■■ has all been done for a LONG time. It’s just slowly drip fed to you to give you the illusion that 1, it’s a “live service game”. And 2, that they’re “working on content”. Looks like you bought into that hard and deep.

And finally, the spin off you speak of, Gears: Tactics, as well as Gears PoP, were in development LONG before Gears 5 even launched. That doesn’t mean anything. It means Microsoft sank an assload of money into this franchise and wants a hefty ROI. That’s it. Also, Microsoft owns the Gears franchise. And TC is a first party studio. Why would Microsoft pull money from a franchise it owns, and a studio it owns, when it’s neck deep and needs that money back? That doesn’t make any sense. When’s the last time you saw Apple release an iPhone and then just trash it because they can? That’s stupid. Microsoft is going to dig every dollar they can out of it to get their money back. Period. Not throw it away.

Have you ever watched a single dev stream? Seriously… just 1? Even THEY admit the game is in a piss poor state and needs a LOT of work. Most of their player base that’s left is in Mexico. ALL of their tournaments and sources have been funneled into that because those 30 people are the only ones playing this horrible game on a regular basis.

That’s cool if you don’t think the game is trash. Unfortunately for you, 99% of everyone else that’s played it, as well as the developers according to their own streams, disagree with you.

But that’s cool man. You do you. If you enjoy shooting people with pings 50x higher than you and watching them absorb it and turn around and 1 shot you, cool man. Good for you. But your anecdotal opinion doesn’t negate the MASSIVE drop in player count and engagement. Your anecdotal opinion doesn’t fix anything. And your anecdotal opinion is based entirely on subjective experiences, and not objective facts.

Long story short… you’re wrong. And not because I think you are or say you are. You’re wrong because every data point that exists for this game proves you wrong. Period.

Also, as far as Microsoft ditching the franchise… they paid for it. They purchased it. It’s not like EA with Dead Space where they just shelf it indefinitely. Visceral was an internal studio. EA owned Visceral and the rights to Dead Space. Throwing it on the shelf costs them nothing. They lose nothing. Microsoft on the other hand can’t just toss Gears away like that. They paid way too much money to do that. They need that money back in spades.


@god2kill I can tell u 1 thing u are correct about. I too am a “low pinger”. I have made post after post about low ping players always being at a disadvantage. Yes,when other players are laggy as hell, its terrible. But no matter what, if you are low ping, their lag comp ■■■■■ you daily,weekly, monthly, yearly.
Today though…it was all hot garbage even w/ good ping in my lobbies. Hit reg was acting like it was october/November all over again. Nothing is consistent. I can get downed at a long range by somebody poking me w/a gnasher twice. I can chase somebody and shoot them in the back 5 times and not get them down. Tonight, I had so many gibs that just didnt register at all. Body somebody…0 damage unload an active Lancer clip…they just kept on trucking. The audio was bad today I couldn’t hear people until they were next to me. I got Insta downed so many times, and had no idea how I even died? This game is a tempestuous ■■■■■.

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I was having the same experiences. I wish they would fix it.

I remember back on Gears 1 and 2, Halo 2 and 3… all the old school games, if you had bad connection you were screwed. It was a mad dash to get the best internet available. There was a huge push.

This is what ultimately led me down the road to what I have now, gigabit speeds.

But in all the glorious “wisdom” of game developers, they realized that inclusive lag compensation was far more lucrative than coding an actual fair game. They could make way more money allowing people with extremely horrendous connections a free pass to entry, ultimately selling more copies of the game and more MTX, than to make a reasonable game with reasonable online restrictions to make a fair and balanced arena.

It’s all about money. They give 0 ■■■■■ about enjoyment. It’s all about that paycheck to them.


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I could be wrong. But it seems to me you’re mocking this guy. I’m not sure why you would. And if I’m wrong… my bad. But if I may, if you are mocking him and myself… why exactly?

Yep…I’m an ex telecom tech. Transmissiom was what I did for 15 years until I broke my neck in a car accident. I have a pure fiber connection as well. I don’t have a full gig. Only 500…lol. Half a gig. But way more bandwidth than my family and I will ever use. Being low in this game is bad. 40-50 ms seems to be the sweet spot. Somtimes ill play over my mobile hot spot. Ping is usually between 70-80 me. Plays totally different. Its sad. We aren’t the only ones.


@god2kill he’s cool. He is just giving me a hard time. He knows I’ve posted a lot. ALOT about this topic.


My down speed usually sits around 950-960. I’ve gone to great lengths to hone my gaming craft. I hardwired Ethernet throughput my entire house, complete with a 16 port gigabit switch. I play on a 4K HDR tv on my 1X. And I pay almost $3,000 a year for no data caps with my gigabit internet.

All other games work flawlessly… yet Gears seems to be a massive outlier. I don’t understand it. I won’t claim to understand it. All I know is any other game I play whether it’s PC, Xbox or PS I have smooth connection, very little latency and my shots register nearly 100% of the time without fail. Yet Gears 5 loves to ■■■■ me over time after time. There’s something about this game that is broken to it’s core. Something about this game that is fundamentally flawed.

This is my favorite franchise. Or at least was. I don’t even know any more. This franchise has been absolute garbage since TC took over. Nothing works. They started with 2 Gears devs who actually knew what Gears was. With Rod gone, not that I think he was all that great, that leaves 1. I think these guys would be good at a CoD rotational release. But Gears… nah. They don’t know how to make a good 3rd person shooter.

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I support people expressing their feelings in a constructive manner and your posts are fun and entertaining to read because we’ve all experienced your frustrations at some point.

And yeah I take every opportunity to give people a hard time because I’ve got nothing better to do than post reaction gifs on a quarantine weekend :sweat_smile:


@Nineteenth_Hour yea…strange days we are living in when a cold virus brings the world to a stop.
@god2kill I totally feel your pain. I’ve posted the exact same things you are saying. My first post about this was basically asking if people had ever tried to make their ping worse to play this game, and amazingly their are people that have. Which is just crazy. Just like you, I am hard wired. All ethernet. And just like you said. This is the only game that having low stable ping is somehow a disadvantage. All my shots in fortnite go where I’m aiming and register. Rocket league I’ve never had a problem wirh, and their is a lot going on in that game as well. We even asked the Coalition on a dev stream if their were additional delays specifically put on players with low ping to try to bring balance to the game. They said no, but I’m not sure I believe it. It sure feels that way. Something is very off as you say. Its the matches here and their that feel pretty good that keep me playing, and its the terrible ones that have me saying ■■■■ this game. Why do I keep trying.


You might find the game is making money because of Game Pass, it is a continuous lifeline.
I would not buy the game, so i play it using Game Pass, i know eventually i would have ended buying the game in the future, but by then, it might end up free with Gold. And i still end up with the game, in any and all cases.
The game is not as good as it could have been, and the reviews are biased towards the game, my own review was removed, or never even allowed, because i was honest, my score was a 6 and i commented on it being broken on release. It could be argued the game is better now, but the base game is still broken, this could never be fixed, so cosmetic patches and fixes are the best The Coalition can do.
As OP has mentioned, benefit of the doubt. While i think said person might be exaggerating a little, i understand their points of view, i am an a break from Gears 5. I only play Horde, and the past issues with Bairds Barriers pissed me off to the max, i needed a break, hoping people would have stopped being ■■■■■ dropping loads of Barriers down. It is messy, expansive and lazy. It gives serious Engineers a bad name. The game has enough problems, this was one too many in my opinion. I will not return until OP 3 is released.

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Try call of duty. You will see the same problems there. Dying before you see the enemy. While on killcam you were in full view to them.

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@Nineteenth_Hour lag is a problem in all online games. The problem I had yesterday was in matches that lag shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes the game just sucks bad. I swear last night it felt like so had AI playing in ranked KOTH.

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Every match I have ever played in call of duty regardless of my internet connection has been a laggy mess. Some games are just built that way.

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Ding Ding Ding…
We have a winner!

All games have these sort of issues, some games just do a better job as disguising them.
Call of Duty for example, most guns can kill in 1-3 bullets, yet most players will exhaust half a clip before getting a kill. All because a majority of the bullets aren’t registering.