I tried to teach noobs today

So I made a lobby and put on no restarts and more expensive fabrication.
Name of the lobby was
Noob training. Must have mic or chat turned on.
Waited about 30 min to see if any one would join and it ended up filing up with re-ups XXI and up and classes maxed out.
Ended up doing master on bunker. It was great!


I found having “noobs only” as your lobby name tends to attract some of the best players?? But you put anything serious and you are basically guaranteed a sentry on wave one lol


LOL what is this logic. That’s hilarious.

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I’ll buy a sentry wave one, and don’t care who knows it.

My money, my kills.

Maybe people like to show off lol

Dunning-Kruger Effect. No-one likes being a noob, and not even noobs would admit to be noobs. In their minds they are capable players.

But capable people may behave in self-deprecating ways. Or something.


Orrr maybe they thought that someone trying to teach noobs would have some clue of what to do themselves and hitched a ride, so to speak.


That’s why I only see you in my serious games :joy:

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You seem like those engineers spamming “deposit” and instead of buying barriers or lockers for everyone you buy a sentry that gets destroyed every wave

You and the joke.jpg

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Yes, yes I am.

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And we couldn’t love him more for it:)

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I love even more the medics that revive themselves with their ult and ignore when half the team is down

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I think my favorite is the veteran that stands in the middle of the map during his ultimate


The blade master/ infiltrator that runs directly to enemy spawn and gets killed at the beginning of the round is better

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Honestly just any class besides demo and tac that take boomshots off my locker, those are the people I try to keep close

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You need to name your lobby only insane pro players and super skilled modafokkers and you will get a lobby of ■■■■ noobs. Trust me it works


There is a possibility the players joining you thought you were the Noob in need of Training. Possibly.

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Lol. Technically it said “Noob training” opens interpretation of either someone training noobies or a noobie that is training.

It is the first thing i thought of.
Hey, just think, i now know what to do when i need a game full of Legendary players :slight_smile: