I tried. I can't get behind your fav Horde class cards

There’s a specific spot to put the fab so you don’t get spawns behind you but that spot has changed many times over the past few Operations. Ever since they updated the game with new enemy sets, it has messed with it a little.

Works for player and Silverback. Tanking Boomshots and other high damage enemies with the Mulcher and bleed alone can be dodgy, but I did play daily once and sat in front of a Carrier while getting shot by a Mulcher and Boomshot and lived through just fine with the ult. Because TC logic means getting smashed by two giant fists is less destructive to anything considered a fortification than a ground wave that barely staggers players.


I like to be able to Kill Kestrels,Flocks,Carriers,Sentinels and Wakaatu fairly quickly that’s why i consider it a must have Card, outside of Boss or Miniboss Waves i don’t even use the SB because i feel slow killing lots of Enemys compared to how fast they die using the Dropshot.

You don’t need flashbangs, you can just do the triple melee combo to grab a shield. Drones of different kinds appear in almost any given wave. It may sound like a slow process on paper, perhaps because I said “grab the meatshield and bring it to base”, but in reality it’s easy & quick to do and drones can be found anywhere.

For the record, I’m not saying you should hold on to a meatshield and hide in the back like a pusillanimous player for most of the match, of course not. The meatshield move is useful for the first 10-15 waves when there aren’t enough barriers, but once I max out the ultimate cooldown perk around wave 17ish and get a locker, I switch to using the ultimate more and getting actual kills around my downed teammates to revive them, which makes the card relevant again. I rarely do meatshields at all if I’m playing with friends.

Yeah, most definitely. As you said in the original post, sometimes the downed player is stuck on the top/bottom floor. Not to mention that on certain cases there will be a ton of enemies between you and the person who’s downed (I’m talking about CQC classes), running to revive them would be unwise and will probably get you both killed, getting a kill to revive them on the other hand would be a better approach.

Another thing this card delivers is reviving “by accident” if that makes sense, sometimes you would get a kill just a millisecond after somebody goes down, this is good especially if you’re a competitive Medic and don’t want the other guys to steal your revives.

20 metres is actually a good enough range, on a map like Speyer it’s roughly 20-25% of the map, and on Canals it’s a half or at least a third of the map (depending on where the fornicator is). Of course, on humongous maps such as Pahanu & Regency this card becomes less efficient. The card would’ve been better though if the max radius was 30 metres similar to Jack’s Sacrifice card.

You’re right. As I said earlier, once you get a locker you can use this card differently, and the ultimate recharges super fast too. Custom Lancer card + Ultimate Cooldown perk + Assault Rifle perk + 2/3 GL rounds from the Lancer GL on an area packed with enemies = Ultimate is ready again in almost 5 seconds or less.

Sometimes though you need a backup plan in case it gets too hot for you and your team when you don’t have the ultimate ready, specifically for distant teammates in the first or last 10 waves (In a 1-50), and this card excels in ensuring the team stays alive while eliminating threats, combining two tasks in one. Honestly I’d replace 2 card slots for this card if I had to.

Gaming is a first-person subjective experience, so I understand if this card isn’t your flavor of ice cream.

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The length of a barrier is 5 metres, so 20 metres is 4 barriers end to end. Definitely a decent range.


Well, sure, they’re everywhere in most waves, but safely meleeing isn’t guaranteed and why flashbangs have significant value. Especially in later waves. However you did clarify that aspect subsequently.

That seems to be 100% of my Intervention revives. :slight_smile: I get way more quick pickups of somebody that just went down than of people I intentionally try to get or that were going to be high risk to revive normally.

I feel like it should be, but this post was instigated by a recent Clocktower run-- a supposedly small map-- where we had the base up top, and I was trying to kill enemies off the stairs on my side to revive someone on the other stairs and couldn’t do it. It might have been hindered by the only enemies at the time coming from “the outside” IIRC. Maybe I could’ve gone to the ledge and killed something in the middle if something was there, but you don’t get much time to make judgements like these or go hunting. The base was already potentially being overrun (no engineer) and flushers aren’t twiddling their thumbs before bashing skulls in.

This makes a lot more sense to me-- that it’s more for the early game. It’s sort of how I look at Suppressive Recharge if I bring it (and Grenade Pouch, so 2 slots down :frowning: ), since grenade kills are harder in late game. Though if Cooldown is perked like I always do, even just doing damage with the grenades can still be helpful.

I had a funny Revive-Off with an accidental 2-Medic run the other day (don’t think that’s what you meant by “competetive Medic” :slight_smile: ), where at one point somehow he revived 1 person and I got another… I think because of timing when and where they actually went down. (Has anyone confirmed that the expanding yellow “revive wave” visual effect actually reflects when players are picked up/fortifications are repaired depending on distance & time?)

It wasn’t really a contest for long since my Suppressive Recharge meant I was reviving 3 or 4 times as often, as soon as someone went down, often twice a wave. It got to the point where you could clearly see him wait a few extra seconds to see if I already had my Ultimate back before he’d bother using his.

Anyway, it was Overload so grenades work better/longer than usual. I bet Intervention probably would have, too.

Definitely. I started this thread to try to learn about the other flavors out there I was missing but might like, or if these were all just a giant vat of black licorice ice cream. I did at least confirm Longshot Handling is Caramel Coated Double Nut Git Gud flavor.

Stim will save your teammates. Gears 5 Combat Medics Prevents Frozen Death By Giving Stim - YouTube

Here’s one.

(Literally the entire class)
I’m level 17 with jack and I literally don’t know how people have fun playing him non-stop playing up to and past wave 30…

And that’s just a normal playstyle, this especially goes to smelter jacks, that stuff is MIND-NUMBING…

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Combat Jack is something I still enjoy from time to time. You get to help kill and help keep people alive at the same time.

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to all the combat intervention nay-sayers…
…just gonna leave this here

card is a lifesaver literally

It’s earned its keep several times for me

I never drop that card. Escape or horde doesnt matter, it stays. Its just too good.

Just curious, what’s your CM card and weapons setup?

Currently running Get Up, Intervention, Too Many Times, Useful Headshots and either Custom Lancer or In Perfect Shape.

Wondering if I should drop Custom Lancer and stick to Torque Bow headshots or keep Custom Lancer and using Lancers and GLs when the game is advanced enough.

In horde mode my basic loadout is Custom Lancer, Helpful Headshots, Intervention, Overdoing It and Team Repair unless my engi plays Robotic Expert then in which case I swap it out for either Dodge or Grenade Pouch

I cant speak on Tbow or GL on medic because I usually run the lancer and retro until I can swap the retro out for a longshot

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Just for my own learning and experience comparisons, would you mind adding some additional context for that screenshotted match? Can I assume that 102 revives is relatively typical for your experience with the card?

What were the other classes (don’t know why the results screen still doesn’t show them without the character/class lock)? Were they CQC and at greater risk of downs? Was the base spread out or did players keep tight (I recognize it’s a small map already)?

I assume these are regulars that can rely on you having Intervention. Was there a 5th and was it A.I.?

One of them is on my blocked list.

But then again, I imagine about 25% of remaining players nowadays are, so make what you will of that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Youre right, my apologies i should have added more of the match details from the get go.
We started out with CM(me), RE, Tactician, Brawler and Pilot. Tact got kicked a few waves in and a gunner joined in its place. Pilot got kicked around wave 40 thats why theres only 4 names on the match result list. Only the RE is a friend of mine the others were randoms.

Our general positions can be seen here
We were set up near the spawn 2 = brawler, 3 = RE, 4 = Pilot and 5 = Gunner. I was on the upper platform
RE kept my side and the stairs light on barriers so everyone would be in revive range when I killed enemies nearby.

And there was no 5th. I turn off bots because they love to kill last downed enemies too much lol

I play with randoms on the daily challenge every day. Intervention is a must have but i also got really good at using it when it was only 10 meters