I thought this shot hit, any advice?

Do you think i shot over him on this occasion?

Normally this would be a good hit… But I can’t always tell

Game is very inconsistent I find
Also, often I find the person who shots first even at the same distance. The amount of times I’ve hit clean shots up super close & get 80% is scary.

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well it definitely hit you did 44% damage but only 5 pellets registered, i have the same issue, i dont know where half of my pellets go.

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I think you were slightly off to the right.
It’s common with barrel-shot. People are so used to center-screen stuff, that even when they know it’s barrel-shot, they still pull their shots slightly to the right.

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I also think he up A you. The problem with that imo you have to be right on with your shot even though it seems like you shot first to prevent that up A from registering. I know TC said they Nerf it a bit. I wouldn’t really call it that.

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Your shot probably would have hit if you were playing ranked Guardian. So, in honor of @RedHulk1973:

Bring back Guardian!!


Check it frame by frame, use comma “,” and “.”.

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Wow, that’s awesome… Thank you!

So i shot too early\to the right.

Honored I am :vulcan_salute:t2:

Bring back Guardian to ranked!!!

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