I thought of joining the "Solo Master" runs train... I'll start of with The Surge

Thought it’s a harder hive (since the patch). But it turned out to be fairly easy with some clever thinking.

Which one should I do next?

PS: I’m a Cole main, so expect me to run most if not all of these with Cole. I also prefer not to do hives, that already have video-proof of being soloed (e.g. Ice Queen).


OMFG. This is beyond impressive. I remember running The Warren with you and being impressed at how you basically solo’d that with the other two of us just watching lol.

But this. Man. This was our last map to master because we struggled a but with it. You make it look laughable.

Great job man. If you want a real challenge I’d say The End seems impossible to solo. I don’t think any of the other maps will give you a hard time after doing The Surge.


The End is definitely on my check-list. I’m curious if it’s doable. I have a few things in mind that might make it work.


Very impressive m8.

I also started Solo-ing master runs.
Started with Lahni on the Descent and made it to helipad, but the leeches killed me :(, guess I have to save my shock chain for last.

Keep up the good work and videos.

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You could just save Shocks or Incendiaries for those Leeches, that’s what I did on my solo Master Descent run, just threw it at ‘em which gets rid of those pesky things easily. If I had Electroblade at that point I used it against the Pouncers if the Dropshot didn’t prove enough to take them out.

Also, who is this that mastered Ice Queen of all hives solo? That’s something I’ve not even heard of as yet.

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I have a buddy that has knocked out Ice Queen with Cog Gear and with Kat. He makes it seem so easy.

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How does he do it with those characters? They may have some useful traits(survivability, their ults), but I’m not seeing how they would do well against clearing out the Snipers, Juvies, Dropshot Scions, Poppers, Hunters, Wardens, Drones, Grenadiers and Elites or not die to them before the venom comes in, let alone the Matriarch(if it cannot be avoided). Not seeing it.

Already done with best girl.

Just look it up on YT. Lahni allows for some massive ■■■■■■-y.


I know what she’s generally capable of(I have carried two other players through Ice Queen with her once on Master, albeit with several retries because they kept dying in the second act and I didn’t have enough time and stuff available to clear the ending area out). Just didn’t think it was possible to solo Master Ice Queen regardless of character because of all the things it throws in your way, and the fact that you only have a few seconds of ult availability which makes it difficult to clear larger encounters out with it.

Not to mention you have to decide between taking a Breaker Mace from a Warden(if killing at least one), the Relic Dropshot and a Longshot. Whatever you do it would complicate matters beyond need since you then either haven’t got the most powerful available melee weapon, can’t eliminate the freezing Snipers from afar, or don’t have freezing capability for the Matriarch, Wardens and Scions. Seems too complicated but what do I know.

The one thing about soloing hives with Lahni or Cole is that, if you’re a really good player, you’ll be able to do it, but it’s not that impressive due to their characters abilities. Are their people out there that solo hives with characters besides them two?

These two abilities are second-to-none above others. It would be very impressive seeing other characters being able to solo these hives.

Not knocking the OP in one bit, just wondering about other characters being used that would provide much more of a challenge.

I can’t think of a map that Cole isn’t good on. He is a beast. I bet Mac could solo some maps but he will have to work harder.

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i honestly think cole is on the chopping block for a nerf due to how easy he makes every escape map, if TC saw fit to nerf mac then they’ll hit cole with a nerf as well

I’d say that for Melee Brawl, Cole isn’t as necessary. He’s definitely a bit harder to use because of his need to take run ups in order to tackle; and the Imagos and their ability to freeze and kill you. As far as melee characters are concerned I reckon that Emile and Grace (as well as Lahni of course) are as good, if not better on this particular map. Cole can still be effective, but it requires more caution and discipline.

For sure. He is still good on this map but you really need to be careful as Soothing Warmth won’t get rid of freezing effects (only the stim from killing something with a tackle will) so you have to watch out. I used him on that map and he is really good still but he isn’t as needed as other maps. I wonder if they will nerf Thrashball Pro down to 30 percent reduction (like other melee resistance cards like Baird’s or Sarah’s for example) so he is no longer immune to melee when his ultimate is ready. He will still be really good in that situation even without the melee immunity.

I really do think they took his cards into consideration since most level 5 cards peak at 50 percent for most things (bleed for Keegan, Lizzie’s Mulcher on the Silverback and Clayton’s ultimate, Baird’s experimental weapons caps at 50 percent, Mac and Lahni’s venom resistance, the list goes on) but Cole’s damage dash peaks at 40 percent. If it capped at 50, Cole would be extremely broken to say the least. Impervious to all damage when running with just two cards? That would make many maps really easy. You can already make him immune to heavy weapons with help from Clayton while he runs which is crazy on its own (did this on The Line and this allowed him to deal with the freezing Mulchers with ease.)

TC knew what they were getting into when they set up Cole as shown in the last paragraph so the only nerfs I could see happening are with his melee card (which wouldn’t affect things too much, just have to be more careful) and maybe make his stim healing a little less crazy. But for all I know, I could be dead wrong.

I can’t see the word ‘nerf’ anymore, they nerfed too much already.


So Lahni and Cole are the Kait and JD of Escape!? :thinking:

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It’s time for a solo master run video with Kat-B320 :wink:

Cole is in a good place, he’s very skill dependant. Yes, he can be a beast but only in the right hands. There’s no need to nerf him. TC built him just right.

Solo and with video-proof? Would be interesting to watch! :slight_smile: