I thought coalition fixed majourity of issues for pc

k so today after numerous tries of trying to launch the game, I go into a game, the game freezes and after I restarted the game and guess what? I get a penalty cause u the coalition messed up! but that’s ok, I waited 30 mins for the penalty to pass. after the same thing happens and now instead of 30 mins I get 1 hour. like wtf?

The quit penalty system increases in magnitude the more times you quit. The issue here is that you aren’t intentionally quitting or playing on an unstable connection, its the driver issue causing the pc to lock up.

U guys stated that the update will fix majority of the issues occuring on pc. All of my driver’s are up to date. Any game works perfectly even on the highest settings (even for Honor).

Do you think I work at TC? I have stated many times that the crashing issues have not been fixed for peopile iincluding myself. Not sure why you would think otherwise.