I thought 100% damage meant a kill

Am I crazy? Did something change in the way damage is calculated after a recent update? Cause I KNOW my shots landed….

(Edit: let me know if I should blank out the names and reupload the image)

It’s part of the vampiric free for all event. They heal when they shoot and do damage to you.


If it only happens there, okay, but still…. how is it even a thing? You don’t get more than 100% health, you only get all your health back, and I had the drop on this person, so they should’ve been dead but still this happened.

Also, I’ve only seen this happen one time while playing the event…. Never saw above 100% damage.

Anyway, appreciate the response. If this is only a weird thing in the vampiric FFA, then okay, but it just struck me as weird thing that I’ve never seen.

There is also a bug when a user is downed and then gets back up, they can show over 100% damage


It’s a common thing in Arcade as well.


Gotcha. This is the first time I’ve ever seen any damage numbers above 100%, that’s why it threw me for a loop.

First time for everything!!

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How the hell do you get 109%??? lmfao

Edit: oh yeah vampiric ffa.

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It’s cumulative damage done. It doesn’t mean they exceeded the maximum 100% health at any point.

For example this could be the sequence of events:

Player 1 shoots Player 2 and causes 60% damage. Player 2 has 40% health remaining.

Player 2 shoots Player 1 and heals 40% health. This restores their health to 80%.

Player 1 shoots Player 2 again and does 60% damage. Player 2 now has 20% health.

Player 2 kills Player 1. This would mean that in this skirmish Player 2 took 120% damage (two shots for 60% each).

I believe it also happens for certain classes in Arcade as well. I think it affects the likes of Marcus and one of the Scion characters (maybe the Speaker?)

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Marcus / Dom / Tai / Speaker / Reyna - Blood for Bullets

I’ve seen BS like ~180% in XX hits before.

It’s exactly like this, and it’s not a bug.