I think we need to stop comparing Gears to Siege

I see some references to that other game, to the number of operators in that other game vs number of characters available for Horde in Gears 5, etc, etc.

I think that comparison is totally meaningless…

Siege is a PvP game, where both sides start on a level playing field re health and weapons’ damage, and then individual characters get tweaked to push them into different areas of speciality… That level of nuance is possible in that game, and it works well…

Master level Horde has an insane imbalance re health and damage output between the human players and the bot oppotents, to the point where any small nuance is lost… The game is about one thing: kill them, from as far away as you can, as quickly as you can, while not getting hit any ANYTHING, becuase EVERYTHING is a 1 shot down.

The only nuance possible is HOW do we kill them: with explosives bleed (JD? Maybe Keegan) with Shotgun bleed (Kait), with active headshots (Fahz), with really good strong riles (Marcus), or with a trishot (EVERYONE else)…

You cannot come up with 50+ Horde characters who would (a) be useful in Master Horde, and (b) be really unique from other characters, in any statistically significant way…

I mean, come on… Mac , Emile, Lahni, Sarah, Grace, Sure, on PAPER they are all different with different abilities, and such, but realistically speaking, they are all trishot heros. The differences between don’t make/break a game…


Also Siege is a 5 year old game.


people don’t understand the differences OP, they think “well if Mario Kart did it then surely…” or “man if only this game was like Fortnite” which is stupid because it implies every game is made for the same audience, same genre, etc. Game’s are more complex than people may give them credit for.

Edit: also folks been comparing Gears to other franchises for years, they pretended Gears 3/Judgement were CoD clones, 4 was like an EA game or something IIRC, and now they’re just blatantly comparing Gears 5 to any other shooter on the market. Gears is unique fellas, even though it may have like 1 or so thing from another franchise in its entirety its a special breed.

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Main point: don’t ever compare pvp game to pve game, it’s always diffirent experience that doesn’t relate to other. Never.

It’s the same dude that keeps bringing it up.:roll_eyes:
You just can’t please some people.

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It’s usually the same people who express these kind of weird mad nonsensical views to be fair.

yeah, to be fair, I have never played Siege, but I have a vague idea of what it is, and I think what @B1MB3R9124 said above hits the nail right on the head: don’t company PvP against a PvE game… Pointless…

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t Siege have PvE?

No one tell these guys about Terrorist Hunt. Not that Ubishit cares about it anymore.

From what I know, there is some pve mode, but from most of what people say about it, it sucks hard, it hasn’t got much replayability and is boring.

Seriously i hate this comparison and at this point it’s just reaching. What casual is making this comparison?

What a ■■■■■■■.

He’s gotta point there.
Gears 5 was trying to be the Siege of PvE.
Unique abilities, restricted loadouts(as of now, pre OP4), the “nerf the good characters” mentality.

Of players or the dev? And I don’t see anyone claiming for nerfs other than for JD, with the exception of people who for some forsaken and unknown reason think Kait is OP and hardly requires skill to play.

TC have nerfed Kait already(under the guise of “fixing her”) and players have want Cole Nerfed.
And the fact that the Matriarch can’t be completely killed by bleeding damage.

I soloed Horde with a level 1 Cole on Advanced difficulty. My first one session of all 50 waves. With bots, granted, but still. That should tell people how op Cole is.

Oh, that. It did have the indirect of increasing the damage from bleed when all or most pellets hit an enemy but deffo not great for when enemies camp outside of effective Overkill or Gnasher range.

Bruh your OP, level 1 cole is trash so if you can win with him that speaks to your skill level moreso than anything else.

This reminds me of that person who was boasting about their skills playing as Grace. The context was that some of us were talking about Melee Brawl and how Grace is actually a reasonably viable character for that hive. Anyway, we concluded that Grace isn’t much use in Horde, and it was just that Melee Brawl was made for melee fighters. This person starts saying how Grace is powerful in Horde and that they play as Grace in Horde all the time and go round gibbing things with the Gnasher.

When I asked them what difficulty they play on, they dodged the question at first. They later admitted to only playing it on beginner! They then tried to claim that the fact they can do it on beginner was proof of their skill. :smiley: