I think this is New Hope Facility

Marcus states in the trailer he knows a place north to go, Mount Kadar, New Hope would be on the way, and also may hold some key information for Kait.

This is incorrect.

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like the very first time i heard about something North, i straigh up though about Mount Kadar. i mean, Niles and New Hope staff ventured there, taking the sires with them, and since Myrrah is the descendant of the researchers up there, this is the only possibility .

I wonder if the computers and stuff is still working, because they could turn Nikle back on xD

But then again since we know swarm can hack technology, then what if they take over Niles.

Also, the vault is clearly the most secure door on Sera right now. No door in Sera history has ever been this secure! XD

If the computers are still working, can they run Gears 4 without freezing?



Would love a split campaign like Halo 5 had , new JD looks insanely BADASS.

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Makes sense :+1:

As far i remember, Niles was shut down

Yeah thhey did, but they could always turn him back on with the flip of a switch :stuck_out_tongue:

Even then, swarm can hack technology, so I’m sure they’ll able to reactivate him.

That’s really interesting.

I wonder if by the winter scenery we may also go to Mt. Kadar where the children of the miners/sires were taken with the scientists.

Also. Surely by now Baird has revealed what was on that damn Disc. How else wold Kait know about New Hope and Mt Kadar?

Tbh i guess im lucky cuz ive played gow4 on pc a fairbit give or take (40 hours) and its never froze for me.

Baird learns the truth and lets Marcus in on it. When Kait shows Marcus the back of her amulet, he puts the pieces together. He’s not certain, but is convinced that Kait needs to discover the truth on her own and so recommends that she make the trip to New Hope/Kadar.

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So I expect a variant of the Razor Hail map to come back if they are going back to a Gears 2 location.

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I’d think people want river if anything. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was unfinished work, but I’m gonna guess it’ll come as one of Post-Launch Maps.

…and that’s exactly why TC will give you Hail. lol

Well as stated by kait “where going back to where it all began” i imagine theres going to be some key places we will visit

Obviously the new hope facility

I think the reason we are going back to new hope to get some more answers to some stuff we might have missed in gears 2 i just hope it dosent take up the whole game. maybe an act or 2 would be enough for me.