I think this is New Hope Facility

This looks strangely like the hallway to the door you blow open in gears 2. Cold weather. It all fits.


No way… :astonished:

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Nice, I guess it’s all true.
Going back to New Hope Facility…
Would be great to find new answers about Myrrah and her origins.

Whoa. It’s all coming back to me now. I have even more questions than I did before…

So then we agree that definitely new hope

I’m 99.9% sure it is.

God, now we’ll wait over a year to learn what that means :sob:

If it is then all I have to say is nice eye. The “go back to where it started” makes so much sense. Really looking forward to this even more now. Thanks for pointing that out.

Jacinto here we come

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go back to where it all started… please god no, come up with something new, suprising, original not from the last 10 years, like most things in gears 4, please be original, o sorry cheaper and easier too use someone else`s ideas and designs then say its new with a cover of paint

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I think without a doubt it is. I like seeing stories go full circle. Anything that furthers the story and adds to past lore is cool in my opinion.


I thought Jacinto was destroyed and sunken at end of Gears 2.

I’d rather have old questions answered before venturing into the new.

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Access huh? you sure you wanna go through that routine again?


Oh yeah, I got some identification for ya…


The climate is messed up from Adams weapon. That rappelling scene could be jacintos sink hole if the ocean receded as a result of the climate shift


That’s a good theory.
All those greens got me confused on what the surrounding could be, thought it was jungle or ravine.

Could very well be now. On our planet the Sahara used to be a jungle. New climate could change the ecosystem

We also saw a deserty Pendulum Wars battlefield with some old UIR tanks, a Speyer-like city, an icy forest. Obviously stuff like the snowy outsider village, New Hope. Guess we’ll have some JD chapters in New Ephyra.

There’s going to be so many diverse locations and landscapes, Geez…

new hope was in jacinto

Actually, no. It was in some remote location of what seemed to be far away from Jacinto or at the time any remaining human cities.

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