I think they will swap Rank ffa out for something else

I wanna like it but 5min+ wait times idk when they took TDM out but hope it returns for it or in general

I’d happily wait 5 minutes for a FFA match, I didn’t have such luck…


Bloomineck mate! At least you were in great company


wow… that’s crazy!

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I really like Gears 5 FFA, but if the matches are taking too long to find, it has to go.

It should be replaced with nothing. 3 ranked modes would be better than 4. The fewer ranked modes there are, the better.


I agree but I also think tdm should come back when they adjust it because it was one of the most popular ranked modes

I said it long ago, if TC wants ranked mode to reflect what people are actually playing, TDM, KOTH, 2v2 Gnashers.

I think Gridiron or a Gears 4 style Escalation would be more competitive than having both TDM and KOTH, but if we’re being honest, no iteration of Escalation or 1 life mode will ever be as popular as either KOTH or TDM.


I think that at some point this season we’ll be seeing it dropped to 8-10 players and moved to traditional maps.

That should entice more people to play it AND with less people needed to start a match, MM times will be shorter.


That’s the truth. It’s time for the tail to stop wagging the dog, You can’t bend the player base to your will. Embrace the community and reap the rewards.