I think the diamond scion should also be for a million lifetime horde kills

I am a diamond horde player and should have a way to show it when I play versus


You should get something slightly different. Maybe Emerald?


Where can you see the amount of horde kills?

Also I think rewarding an extreme amount of kills in horde is bad as it’d just attract 25/50 waves of sentries & strikes.

well horde is about kills any way. All the enemies need to get killed to end the wave and who ever is doing all the killing is helping get the team to the next wave no matter how they do it.

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I mostly agree but imagine the increase of players who would no longer deposit money into the fab. Now you’d have Soldiers, Heavies, and Snipers saving up and spamming HOD, Sniper, and Mortar strikes and Engies crying no one is putting in money so they can spam sentries.


Would be cool to have a Horde reward character but a Scion?? A lot of Horde players don’t play VS so they’d be screwed. I like the emerald idea, but instead maybe a set of emerald gun skins. They’d only have to re-color the diamond skin set. Easy work for TC.


How about a diamond carmine?


Diamond horde player

What is a diamond horde player?


Any character rewards for something horde related would be great. Maybe since the versus ones are for swarm characters… for horde how about a Carmine variant? Or Onyx guard?


No, Horde players should get nothing because speedrunning will make the grind too easy.

This would take like over 2,000 games and that’s only if you’re the soldier. Regardless saying horde players should get nothing is a bit of a selfish way of looking at things. There absolutely should be some nice characters available to get in horde. Why does it even bother you if they get something nice anyway.

I liked the griffin challenge but you could have a horde specific like the studio challenge but for 10,000 kills or something to that affect?

At best they shoud get a special variant Jd or Oscar, but nothing as close as to a crystal / gem varint of a scion becaue your practically just killing AI over and over on casual.

Plus versus always carries more importance than Horde.

I didn’t have kills in mind when I suggested that. And I mean, versus players can just kill bots on casual too, so why not the horde players? But regardless, I was thinking something more along the lines of Inconceivable runs with some handicap, or inconceivable runs on every map (specifically ones that don’t have speedruns), etc.

Because wouldnt it take lomger to do on social / co-op vs AI for versus though?

For ranked koth, you can easiy get 40 kills+ every match if you put the effort in

While speedrunning and getting kills there is zero effort whatsoever imo.

You can do KOTH vs bots and that is way quicker than ranked KOTH. Social or Bots are both way quicker than ranked.

If you mean that boosting against bots is longer than boosting with speedruns, well that just depends on the amount of kills that is set for each.

Speedrunning takes no effort depending on the speedrun. Regardless, speedruns are not doable on all maps (at least, really effective ones). So they could make a challenge for it only on specific maps, which could help rule out speedruns.

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Carries more importance in what way? People play for different reasons and enjoy different things I’d hate to break it to you but you’re not more important than someone else. Not everyone plays this game to play versus there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to get cool stuff from horde. I still don’t understand how horde players getting something nice would affect you. The ruby scion is already obtainable by killing casual bots on co op vs ai so there’s no reason why there couldn’t be a different ruby character for horde.


No horde takes no skill

Didn’t TC say that a horde based character challenge is being talked about?