I think the community starting in PvE urgently needs a tutorial for escape and horde modes. (From Casual difficulty to Master)

I’ll emphasize the main thing, Why the hell do people get into master difficulty without being re-up at least 11, and worse, without having level 18 or 15 characters at least?
Without exaggeration, I have seen people with level 1 characters who are just starting the game on master difficulty and it is very frustrating that these types of people are there without knowing at least what skills to use and at what level they are unlocked. And worse, I think his philosophy is “I’m going to just mess with the experience of those who know about this and try even though there’s only 0.0000001% to get a win in horde or escape and get carried by the high levels”. Not to mention that other players other than engineers (such as Baird, Del, and Kat-B320) are building it and don’t realize they’re wasting energy, wasting Del’s discount skills and Baird’s fast recharge ability, Kat’s I don’t know if it’s that useful. And in themselves, they don’t know the role they play and that certain characters use certain weapons that they can’t because they just don’t have that skill. In conclusion, it ruins the gaming experience more than it already already. In another post I will explain this other aspect that I mention.

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there are already tutorials by our friend @Hu1k_Daddy , if you type his name under search there are compelling guides on all topics of Gears of War.

unfortunately this game as being in GAME PASS GARYS mode, well its meant to be played for everyone, due of that you’ll find a lot of noobs playing high difficulties even though they don’t even know how to use the REGULAR lancer properly.



ThePollo52 means a proper ingame tutorial, not forums threads or youtube videos, in both cases novices player they’ll ignore them as usual.
In my case I rarely read a guide to learn a game, I just play and that’s all, I remember that play The Mercenaries mode from Resident Evil 5/6 you don’t need to read detailed guides, just shot and have fun. Some developers missed the mean of play just for fun, TC complicates a damn game mode that was very simple.
But as always they’re putting more effort on silly skins and steal mindless fans money with recycled characters instead of make a decent game.


Just stay out of public. Find and teach some friends. That’s what I did. Our sessions are actually fun now, as opposed to frustrating.

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How are they supposed to know how difficult the highest difficulty could be?

Although I do see many lower levels in Beginner to Inconceivable from Custom Lobby Browser, It’s just a few that dare going into Master.

They can’t, but it’s kind of supposed to be common sense that a higher difficulty is… well, difficult, and requires some player skills and in this Horde with RPG features, leveled skills for what you’re playing as well. Especially the latter is what prevents new(er) players from doing well if they go into a high or even mid level difficulty too quickly, to a degree anyway.

Unless you’re doing Surge speedruns or Clock farming, that is. Or betting on luck with Forever’s bugged/glitched spawns, assuming they haven’t fixed that by now.

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This was something that the Horde community asked for at the end of Gears 4’s lifecycle. People would come into a Inconceivable game as a Soldier, pick up the power, when there was a Scout, create fortifications, when an Engineer has a cost reduction card for that turret/barrier.

I don’t think new players understand that, to get to Master difficulty, there are bare minimum things that a regular player would expect. People expect it to be like Halo 5’s Legendary firefight, I can come in and player skill will win the day. You need to grind and understand the mode before you do Master.

I know people don’t know if they don’t try, but having a tutorial that explains this, visually or otherwise, would help people in public and custom lobbies. I can’t tell you how many Re-up 2 Marcus’ have come in and haven’t got a clue how to play.


The highest difficulty is LITERALLY called Master. I doubt that a Lv5 char mastered anything besides being an idiot.

Master difficulty needs massive gatekeeping or filters in custom lobbies to prevent lowlvls and certain chars joining.


They mastered bravery


Mhm, sure

Thanks for the props man :+1:

Dude awesome line haha

And stupidity.


How would a tutorial work? Would it be a play-by-play describing each character and all of their skillcards? Would the player be placed in a compulsory scenario where they use each skill card (like Bootcamp teaches players to use weapons and basic mechanics)?

As frustrating as poor, unskilled and ignorant players are, Horde is frankly, a very deep experience with lots of things to learn. you have one end of the spectrum which is the absoltue basics - broad understanding of characters, their functions, weapons; function of the fabricator and fortifications… But already you’re already beginning to move onto some complicated stuff. Then you have the opposite end of the spectrum where you’re getting into how multiple skillcards interact and compliment each other and with the skills/abilities of other characters. I get that some players don’t even seem to understand the basics; but where do you draw the line in determining what is necessary for a tutorial?

I think that sadly, this is just part and parcel of public matchmaking. Communication is non-existent and as people are playing with strangers there is sometimes very little investment in the situation. Plus it’s easier to be a prat to strangers, whereas the social dynamics of playing with friends is totally different. You’re more willing to take one for the team, compromise on what character you play as, more inclined to be helpful etc.

GOW is a team game. and it’s just so much more rewarding when played like one. But for this to happen consistently you ideally need to be playing with friends. Public matching is so unpredictable that I genuinely wouldn’t bother with it.

My personal view is that no tutorial is needed because there is simply too much to learn. The Bootcamp already covers some of the basic mechanics; and in Horde we get prompters pop up when we first pick up weapons, use the fabricator etc. Players will learn it naturally through playing. Alot of players just want to get stuck into the game and start playing immediately - I doubt having a tutorial will make any difference - the information will go in one ear and out the other.

As Horde involves so many deeper mechanics and things to learn, many players simply will not develop this understanding by themselves through public matchmaking. The group of players I play with are all long-time GOW friends - we chat, coordinate, support each other and most importantly share knowledge. I like to think I’m reasonably well versed in PVE modes but am learning new things all the time, and I share this information to my friends - most of the time they wouldn’t have known what I just told them either so they’re learning new things too, and on the whole we’re a fairly solid experienced group.


That is a good point. I doubt any tutorial would cover things like Lizzie shooting her teammates in escape grants her stim when aggressive armour is on.

So… How 'bout that discussion we had last night…
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You have no idea…that’s basically how I picture Delta whenever we chat :smiley:


Some people are looking to level up their characters quickly.

Re-up don’t necessarily mean they are bad.

To be honest, re-ups don’t matter in gears 5. The first thing most players look for is character level. A re-up 5 player can probably have a character that’s level 15 or higher before they reach re-up 11. It would be nice to have a stats page listed under the Xbox achievements like we did with gears 4. That way you can see how much time people have put in any mode.

Instead, we get nothing for gears 5.