I think tdm should now be called duo deathmatch

Not really a team thing anymore just 1 partner and no communication ( except for the 1 friend you get to bring)


People stay in party chat.

If you play rank matches, they should be forced into game chat.


Part of the fun that made gears was havin some friends good or bad play tdm. Now i gota be like sorry man tc ruined the game cant play with you.




Might as well give us WINGMAN.
We have only been asking since gears 4.
But nooooooo. They take dodgeball out, escalation yet they still have ARCADE and arms race.


Can you leave?

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4v4 is stupid, make it 5v5


He’s not wrong though


God forbid people communicate with strangers to work as a team.

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Thats not really the point. Not everyone wants to talk to strangers some people wana talk with people they kno and have good vibes with.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but there’s at least 2 modes in Ranked that allow stacks.

What queen of the hill and grid iron? Which shouldnt even be in a gears game.


Those modes aren’t my style.

Doesn’t mean they’re hard. Just not my style.

Besides I’m not fluent in Spanish & more than half the time I get players from Mexico so defeats your point on communication with strangers.

& if you play ranked you know randoms don’t listen. Just asking to rotate is an insult to them & sometimes they throw on purpose.

So always tread lightly when trying to communicate with randoms.

Pretty sure if they butchered king of the hill like this people would voice up just like us.

I wouldn’t expect anyone to jump modes to play with friends.

There’s no justification , all we can do is voice our selves.

& yes we are aware they’re modes to stack. Very aware. When a friend asks to play but you can’t because it’s parties of 2. I get reminded everytime I play & have to tell someone I don’t have room because I’m playing tdm.

It really is a let down you can’t play your favorite mode with other people who equally respect that mode.

TDM is thriving too. Or was. I’m sure it still is. But I know people who stopped playing because of the parties of 2. I don’t care as much but it’s depressing knowing I cant collect 40%+ additional allies exp on a mode I truly enjoy.


I only played TDM ranked with my kids on the weekends and now I can only party up with one kid at a time.So stupid considering it was me and 4 of my kids making my own squad.They took our gears night away so pissed.


How do they expect you to get out of onyx when the cost is 1500 pts.So basically you have to win every match with randoms . Dam near impossible. That was the point of forming a squad so you could win more with team work.


Go stack up and play KOTH cause I’m so glad you can’t stack in TDM anymore. Looks like someone wants easy wins…yeah it’s not as easy now is it cause you actually have to be good and can’t rely on your stacked team.

I was sick of going against a stack of 5 and like I said if you want to stack go to KOTH or gridiron or go play quickplay

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What you just said made no sense.

Your saying your glad you can’t go into TEAM dm with a TEAM.

Glad I can still go into a BANK and BANK my money.

TDM was all about playing as a team but because there’s solo flex players like yourself I now have too suffer and play with people who have no interest in playing as a team and ruin the experience.

As far as I’m concerned FFA is for them people. I have no problem playing with people that go into it solo and want too communicate and play as a team but people that don’t which there are plenty of ruin it.


Sir. You are wrong.

I’m practically diamond in TDM so what’s your excuse for me wanting to stack in tdm? Given I haven’t played much due to college. It’s not hard it’s irritating sometimes.

Imagine they chopped your king or grid iron, would you be so happy then ? Don’t be that hypocrite.

To add: isn’t the point of stacking to win? Of course have a good time. But you’re just hating for absolutely no reason. I don’t know any game mode where people stack to lose…

@Bad_Like_You people talk trash about TDM but are glad to stack else where… like they obviously don’t play TDM but they want to
Put their 2 cents in a mode they don’t enjoy or play… never understand people like that.


I actually win more now then i use to just boring wins. And I wouldnt play Koth ever again even if i was paid not fun at all.


Unfortunately I play king when I want to play with more than 1 friend.

But I can only handle 2-3 games of that & im out. Even short king games are like 30 minutes when a TDM is 10-14 minutes.

Was amazed how in 1 hour me & @oxJINXEDxo played 5 games … actually felt energized too & not all drained like in king…